A Caribbean Tale: SXM Dental Clinic, St. Martin Becomes Partner

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May 28th, 2019: Tropical weather, endless virgin beaches and the sound of steel pans are on our minds today, as we are thrilled to open a third new market this month by partnering with Dr. Julien Dumon’s SXM Dental Clinic in the gorgeous Caribbean island Saint Martin.

About SXM Dental Clinic, St. Martin

Dr. Dumon owns the clinic specialised in implantology and oversees a team of six dental surgeons. The team is also adept in performing sophisticated surgical procedures such as sinus lift, bone graft, bone regeneration using titanium membranes. Orthodontics and general dental services are also provided by the experienced team.

SXM Dental Clinic prides itself on offering the latest equipment of renowned brands such as A-dec and Planmeca. Additionally, the clinic has a full-stack dental laboratory, fully equipped to tackle all patient dental needs under one roof.

Dentacoin tools & payments now available to Caribbean patients

Dentacoin is not Dr. Dumon’s first touch with the world of cryptocurrencies as he has been a firm believer in crypto for a long time. He discovered Dentacoin while looking for a blockchain application in the dental industry and saw us as the perfect fit for him and his practice.

“I find great potential in the Dentacoin Healthcare Database as cataloguing such crucial information in a borderless location will do wonders for both patients and dentists. The easy but controlled access to a patient’s records will be of great help to all professionals, servicing dental tourists, by eliminating the tedious bureaucracy that is inherent when accessing such information,” shared Dr. Dumon.

“Not only that, I see ample opportunities for growth by taking part in the Dentacoin ecosystem as each tool helps dental professionals around the world engage patients, improve retention rates, and reduce costs,” he concluded.

Dr. Dumon’s SXM Dental Clinic is looking forward to taking advantage of this comprehensive offering by starting with a dedicated listing on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Already familiar with SXM? Write a review by clicking the image below:

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SXM Dental Clinic becomes the third new market opened in May, thus increasing the number of members within the Dentacoin network to 92 organisations in 25 countries, ready to bring better dental health through intelligently applied technology.

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