Align Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Center Joins Dentacoin

The end of the year is near, but the growth of the Dentacoin Partner Network is just at its beginning. Today, we are happy to announce a new partnership with Align Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Center. Founded just 2 months ago by Dr. Devang Pandya the practice is already building its successful reputation in the city of Amreli. And now with Dentacoin Dr. Pandya will have more tools to enhance patient satisfaction.

Align Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Center luxurious practice space.

Emphasizing Prevention in Dentistry

As a young dentist Dr. Devang Pandya has recognized the importance of prevention in dentistry. Driven by the goal to spread oral health awareness in the area of Gujarat Dr. Pandya decided to implement Dentacoin tools in his clinic.

“Dentacoin provides useful dental care insights and data that I can use in educating my patients. I also believe that Dentacoin tools can motivate people to keep better oral hygiene. Those two things are of utmost importance in my practice, therefore joining Dentocoin was a natural solution ”

Dr. Pandya

Dentacoin can be useful for practitioners with many years of experience as well as for those at the start of their career. As the platform gives an opportunity to strengthen patient-dentist relations and enhance one’s dental knowledge, it is undeniable that there are many positives for each side, Dr. Pandya agrees. He is excited to share DentaVox surveys and awareness materials with his patients as well as to use Trusted Reviews and the other DCN tools.

Education Shaping Quality Dental Care

Dr. Devang Pandya holds a Bachelor Degree in Dental Surgery from Dharmsinh Desai University. Believing that education is the driving force to quality care, then he continued his specialization with a postgraduate program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics from Sankalchand Patel University.

Practice however is just as important, especially for professionals working with patients. As a preparation for his post-graduation program, Dr. Pandya spent a year working in Lullabhai Sheth Aaroyga Mandir hospital, Savarkundla, where he applied the gained knowledge. Now the young practitioner is eager to put all that he has learned into action in his new clinic Align Dental Clinic and Orthodontic Center.

Dr. Devang Pandya loves to travel in his free time.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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