Are We Burning Dentacoin?

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Hello again supporters and community.

As you all know, our ICO is coming up in a few days and the excitement around it grows every minute.

The ICO is a coin’s most crucial step in its development, and we are working hard to ensure the process is as smooth and problem free as possible. The ICO is the key to venturing into the great world of cryptocurrencies. We already have a long journey behind us, through which we identified our weaknesses but also identified our many strengths.

We are more determined than ever to get Dentacoin to where it deserves to be. The top!

Dentacoin supporters, you have always been our most important factor throughout this process, your contributions, criticism and suggestions have taught us all valuable lessons and we hope this will continue in the future.

Let me take this opportunity to address a subject that is frequently asked about: What happens to those Dentacoin that were not distributed during the pre-sale?

These Dentacoin are secured in a time-lock contract.

Dentacoin, generally, will be distributed in small steps until 2042. Coins that were not distributed in the pre-sale will be given to the market after the year 2042 according to the current demand, to further ensure a stable and safe price. Should there be Dentacoin that will not be distributed during the ICO, the same procedure will take place.

Please also note that the price of Dentacoin during the ICO will be an equivalent to 0,00011723 USD per DCN. The exact value in ETH and BTC will be released very soon! (Monday, 25th Sept 2017).

Therefore, please stay away from overpriced offers, seen on various exchanges at the moment!

Thank you.

Philipp Grenzebach
Co-Founder and Business Developer
Dentacoin Foundation

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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