Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal Partners With Dentacoin

Today we are honored to welcome a professional with rich dental experience and 14 years of practice — Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal. His clinic Apex Dental Hospital, situated in Bharatpur, is well known by locals for top-quality dental services available 24/7. Thanks to the high standard of treatments the clinic has earned an ISO certification for Quality Management Systems.

Besides being a skilled professional, Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal is also well-known as an associate professor at Shree Digamber Singh Nursing College at Bharatpur. Let’s explore how his drive for education brought Dr. Goyal to Dentacoin.

The Link Between Preventative Dentistry Methods & Dentacoin

Dr. Goyal is well recognized for his passion for knowledge. Having always been devoted to advancing his dental expertise brought Dr. Goyal to Dentacoin. As someone involved in education, he also sees the importance of spreading the word about preventative dentistry methods in India.

“Dentacoin will increase the awareness of people on the topic of dental treatments, which I think can improve the preventative dentistry in India. As a dentist of 14 years, I spot the potential when I see it. Seeing Dentacoin’s concept I believe in the change that it can bring to the world!”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manish Kumar Goyal

Apex Dental Hospital

Leaving a positive impact around the local community is something that Dr. Goyal is driven to. He sees potential in Dentacoin usage as he believes our tools can inspire people to be more cautious about their oral health. Furthermore, Dr. Goyal is also excited about the fact that his patients will be enabled to earn crypto tokens, which will ultimately give them an alternative to help cover treatment costs.


Dr. Kumar Goyal has started building a good reputation way back in 2008 when he earned a BDS from one of the oldest universities in the area — Goa Dental College Bambolim. Then he mastered his dental skills by treating patients in a wide variety of services. But the dentistry career was not enough for Dr. Goyal’s hard-working nature and he also started teaching in the local Nursing College.

Being a specialized clinic, Apex Dental offers a number of medical services. This includes Dental Surgery, Endosurgery, Opd Services, Dental Services, Laser Dentistry. The clinic is equipped with modern dentistry equipment which assures quality in the procedures done. But what makes the patients come back is the personal approach and kind treatment by the dentistry professionals.

Trusted Reviews

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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