Bridging the Gap: Dentacoin Wallet dApp v0.1 Released

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October 5, 2018: Dear community, we have some extraordinary news for you! We are proud to announce that — two months earlier than planned — the initial version of our Dentacoin Wallet dApp is already available at!

About Dentacoin Wallet dApp v0.1

The Dentacoin Wallet dApp v0.1 allows you as a user to easily and securely store both Dentacoin tokens, as well as Ether to power up transactions with gas. At present, you can access it via MetaMask (available for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Brave Browser on desktop, as well as for Firefox on mobile devices). A stand-alone solution will be available upon the next updates.

The Dentacoin Wallet dApp can interface with other wallet dApps, such as Trust Wallet and, meaning that you don’t have to switch between different providers (or devices) in order to manage your tokens. Now that’s handy!

And that’s not even all: Via the embedded Changelly widget users can purchase DCN with a card or against 100+ other cryptocurrencies and store it directly on their Dentacoin wallet address. All it takes is just a few clicks, making it even more convenient to join the dental blockchain revolution.

Users are entitled to the combination between account security and a very friendly user interface. Upon the next releases of the dApp, there will be a dedicated additional feature for dentists, patients, suppliers to easily handle payments between each other without any significant tech knowledge required.

Bridging the Gaps in the Ecosystem

With the official Dentacoin Wallet dApp being released to the public, we are one step closer towards bridging the gaps between stakeholders in the ecosystem. By doing so we have added a new key element to the Dentacoin Ecosystem, which will ease the steep crypto learning curve that many newcomers experience.

In the near future, Dentacoin Wallet dApp is aimed at facilitating all transactions within the Dentacoin Ecosystem and thus helping users to operate with the currency without the need of complex explanations and massive reading lists. This is crucially important for all our target group members (600 mio patients, 200,000 dentists, dental suppliers and manufacturers) and the mass adoption aimed, as it implies higher volume of Dentacoin payments, handled in a secure, much easier and faster manner.

Having said this, feel free to hop onto to give it a shot and test it! We’d love to hear more about your experience, as well as any feedback you might have, in terms of bugs, suggestions and optimizations, so don’t hesitate to let us know at!

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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