Buy Oral Care Products with Dentacoin (DCN) on Toothbrushzone

Get ready for a brand new exciting opportunity for you to contribute your Dentacoin towards better oral health, as we welcome Toothbrush Zone to the partner network. Now you can buy oral care products from A to Z using your DCN tokens!

Toothbrushzone online shop dentacoin oral care products

Based in Slovenia, Toothbrush Zone is an online marketplace that presents an entirely new use case for your favourite dental industry token. It is a fruit of collaboration within the Dentacoin partner network, combining the efforts of Dentacoin Foundation, the shop’s founder Marko Florjancic, experienced dental technician and dental sales specialist, and 84Digital web agency that specialises in e-commerce and the integration of cryptocurrencies and other digital payments.

On you can buy top-quality dental hygiene products from the leading dental brand Curaprox in exchange for Dentacoin (DCN) or Euro (EUR). Whether you’re looking for electric, non-electric, interdental brushes, tongue scrapers, toothpastes, flosses, accessories or cleaning agents, Toothbrush Zone has you covered for all your dental care needs.

At present, the service is only available in Slovenia with more shipping options coming soon.

But that’s not all! Apart from being able to order premium oral health consumables with Dentacoin, you will also be able to cover your shipment costs with DCN. Moreover, every customer gets 5% reimbursement within 30 days after the first purchase confirmation.

To further spread awareness, the website also presents Dentacoin to all customers along with the opportunity to earn DCN by taking DentaVox surveys or using the other tools.

Earn dcn dentavox toothbrushzone

So don’t wait up! Hop on to Toothbrush Zone and take advantage of this opportunity to use your Dentacoin (DCN) for its intended purpose — leading you and your peers along the way to better oral health.

Curious to learn more about our network? Catch a glimpse of more than 100 dental organisations working together in shaping the industry of tomorrow: SEE PARTNER NETWORK



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