Clinics in Pakistan and Serbia Accept Dentacoin: SherwaniDental (Pakistan, Lahore) and LekoDent (Serbia, Belgrade)

With the development of the Dentacoin Platform, Dentacoin can provide more and more solutions for the dental industry; therefore, the interest from the dental practices is growing. The latest example can be seen by the 2 new dental practices that added DCN in their clinics -SherwaniDental​ (Pakistan) and LekoDent​ (Serbia).

Two new clinics, in two different countries, are now accepting DCN as a means of payment in their clinics.


Sherwani Dental (Pakistan, Lahore)- was opened by Shariq ali Khan in 2012, and its goal is to provide explicit dental services to the community in general and being in neighborhood reaches to everybody easily.

Leko Dent Serbia - Dental Clinic

LekoDent (Serbia, Belgrade)Leo Drakulic and Dr Kuangyin Zhang have opened LekoDent 2 and a half years ago. The clinic is located in Belgrade, Serbia.

We spoke with the dentists managing those two practices and here is what they shared:

What first grabbed your attention about Dentacoin?

— I had a vision of using cryptocurrency at my dental practice, but I was lacking a platform. When I heard about Dentacoin from a friend, I was eager to have a look at it.

​-When we first time saw the story about Dentacoin, it was really interesting for us. We think that these days, dentistry is really expensive for a lot of people especially here in Serbia.

How do you see the integration of DCN in your practice?

— Dentacoin is the first of its type that specifically caters the dental community, so for the sake of unity and future trends that might unite the dental community across the globe; I would like to name Dentacoin as primary cryptocurrency acceptable at my clinic.

​ — We are still thinking how to implement it, but we decided to allow people to pay us in Dentacoin for these treatments: dental examinations, teeth cleaning, preventive dentistry, fillings, etc.

Have you already presented Dentacoin to your patients? If yes, what were their reactions?

​-I have talked about Dentacoin to few of my patients, and I hope they might make wallets and use it as a means to pay for dental treatment bills.

​-We are starting to inform patients about new methods of payment. Younger patients, around 30, are very surprised to hear that we are accepting Dentacoin as a method of payment.

If I am a patient of yours, how will I understand that you work with DCN? How will I receive more info? What’s the process of me using DCN as a patient?

​- As my patient, I only request you to use ‘My Ether Wallet’ service, and then you can simply send DCN to our clinic wallet as a means of payment instead of paying by conventional currencies. This process is easy-to-use, quick and has a reliability factor added to it.

​-We will soon start to share with our patient,all about Dentacoin,and what are the benefits,how can they earn some DCN for free,etc.

How do you see our future cooperation? What are your expectations?

​-I am excited to work with DCN and promote the use of this coin in the dental world. For I see that all dental treatments and purchases done via DCN may lead to a combined pool of money from all over the globe. That, on the other hand, would lead to stabilization and strengthening of the dental world as a whole. The different researches and reviews being done around the world, aim to educate as many people as possible with the concept and build trust in Dentacoins mission

​-We see our future with Dentacoin as very promising. These are only the first steps of Dentacoin and also our journey with DCN. We think that there is much more to be done, by both sides.

How do you estimate the future potential of the project?

​ -I hope that in coming one or two years, DCN should market and familiarize the patients and dental clinics with its use and the ease of its use, and I assume that at least 50% of the world’s dental community should know about the name of Dentacoin by then.

-The potential is huge, but all of us that are united by this cause need to spread this story, become an ambassador ourselves and try to involve as many people as we can.



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