Concept Ready: New Dental Practice Management Software

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With numerous patient engagement apps and a specialized digital currency, Dentacoin has been recognized by more than 1,900 dental practices worldwide as a valuable instrument to improve their patient relations. It is no secret that we aim at reaching every forward-thinking dentist from any corner of the world. And what better way to do it than to implement Dentacoin functionalities in the only software that each and every dentist uses?

We are thrilled to announce a new product in the pipeline: Dental Practice Management Software with DCN functionalities integrated!

To operate normally, every dental practice needs software to manage their appointments, create dental charts, store patient files, track treatments, issue invoices, and handle insurance claims. Now Dentacoin Foundation engages to provide basic software in cooperation with an already existing provider that will cover all essential features for free.

On top of that, it will integrate Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, DentaVox research results, patient invitations, DCN payments, and other crucial Dentacoin functionalities. This will inevitably improve dentists’ experience with Dentacoin tools and currency, making the process more seamless than ever before.

The software will offer paid upgrades to satisfy all needs of larger dental practices as well.

As the concept is ready, we are currently in a process of finding the best-suited development partner to cooperate with. We will then combine efforts in adapting their current product to the Dentacoin Foundation requirements and work together to launch and promote the new solution.

You are probably already used to this but: This will be the first-ever dental practice management software with so deeply integrated blockchain functionalities for patient relations and payments.

Stay tuned for the next updates in the first half of 2021!

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