DCN Staking Coming Soon: Win Tokens for Hodling

2 min readFeb 24, 2022


Dear community,

It is our pleasure to announce that the much-awaited DCN staking program will be launched in exactly one month! From March, 24, DCN long-term holders and supporters will be able to stake their tokens through a user-friendly web platform and earn profits while holding their tokens! The rewards will be based on the participant’s share in the pool and the activity of the platform. And, what is more, there is full flexibility so you can withdraw your rewards and tokens at any time.

Sounds exciting? Let’s dig into the details.

Win while keeping your tokens safe

The staking platform will be available only through the dedicated website (to be announced at the time of launch). It will be running on Optimism network to keep transaction costs for joining and exiting the pool at a minimum. Holders of DCN on Ethereum Mainnet can easily swap their tokens to DCN on Optimism through the built-in bridge in Dentacoin Wallet before joining the pool.

Staking DCN takes just a couple of easy steps. The platform will be integrated with WalletConnect and MetaMask to connect and interact with your wallet securely. The deposited amount of tokens determines the share of rewards from the entrance and exit fees of the pool distributed to all participants.

In support of the program, Dentacoin Foundation will be dedicating monthly DCN tokens to the pool until the end of 2022.

More about the staking program

DCN staking will become live on 24 March 2022. It has been developed and maintained as an external project but to guarantee the best interest of DCN holders, it will be exclusively communicated via Dentacoin official channels only.

Stay tuned for the special pre-launch events in celebration of the program coming in the next weeks!




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