Dentacoin Competition on LATOKEN: Over 500 000 000 DCN in Prizes [Updated]

Dentacoin Buying Contest on LATOKEN

Dentacoin Competition on LATOKEN: Over 500 000 000 DCN in Prizes

Ahoy traders and holders! Get your wallets ready for the buying competition we are hosting in cooperation with our partners LATOKEN. Join now and win a share of the whopping 500 000 000 DCN prize pool or one of the top three .


Prizes and Participation

The contest will take place between the 22nd of October, 12:00 noon UTC, and the 5th of November, 12:00 noon UTC, with the prizes allocated in four categories — winners from first to third place will win a fixed amount, while all other eligible winners will get a share of the 500 000 000 DCN prize pool:

1st Place — 50 000 000 DCN Prize

2nd Place — 40 000 000 DCN Prize

3rd Place — 30 000 000 DCN Prize

But what counts as an eligible winner? In order to rank as a winner you need to generate a minimum buying amount:

Minimum Buying Amount = 8 800 000 DCN

And if you are among the contestants who qualify, your total share of the prize pool will be equivalent to the portion of the total generated by all contestants, according to the following formula:

User’s Reward = (square root of buying amount of a user/square root of total buying amount of all participants) x 50000000

Requirements and Distribution

There are additional things you need to consider before participating in the competition. The most important one is to have passed a KYC Tier-2 verification on LATOKEN, in order to receive your reward.

If you have that covered already and manage to position yourself among the winners of the contest, you will receive your reward in your LATOKEN account after 12th November, 10:00 UTC.

So now that you know how to join, are you ready to do your best and win the competition? Start trading now:




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