Dentacoin goes Public with an Exclusive Presale on July 1st, 2017

Dentacoin goes Public! The First Blockchain Concept for the Global Dental Industry with an Exclusive hard-capped Presale on 1st of July 2017.


Dentacoin is a new Ethereum-Based Token, especially designed for the global Dental Industry. Dentacoin token is already accepted as means of payment in our Partner Dental Clinics, which makes Dentacoin’s future highly promising.

We go public on an Exclusive Presale on 1st of July 2017.

Distribution Details

Dentacoin token is produced in a limited amount of 8 trillion Dentacoins (8 000 000 000 000 DCN). The distribution mechanism doesn’t allow for more Dentacoins to be produced ever, nor can more Dentacoins be mined.

Dentacoins can be owned by earning and buying.

Earning happens at our Partner Clinics, as part of their Loyalty Program. In the near future, when our tools are developed, there will be more ways to earn Dentacoins.

On 1st of July we launch an Exclusive hard-capped Presale which allows early adopters to buy Dentacoins 233% cheaper than their actual value. Meaning the price of a Dentacoin is around 2.5 times lower for people who support from the very beginning our Mission to improve Dental Care quality worldwide by giving the power to the hands of the people.


Exclusive Token Presale Total Volume = 80 billion Dentacoins (80 000 000 000 DCN)

1 USD cent buys 284 DCN
1 DCN = 0.003521 USD cents

UPDATE (28.06.2017, 1 ETH = 280$): The exchange rate DCN/ETH during the Presale is fixed to 8 000 000 DCN/ETH. In other words: 1 ETH = 8 000 000 DCN.

By supporting Dentacoin Foundation and investing in the Dentacoin Exclusive Presale, each participant gains a secure seat on our ICO in October. The price of each Dentacoin during the first ICO will be 85.3 DCN/USD cent (meaning 1 USD cent buys 85.3 Dentacoins).

Don’t miss your chance to buy Dentacoin at its exclusive Presale price! Claim your interest in the Token Presale here. Get ready to buy a small amount of Dentacoins to show your support and ensure yourself a seat at our ICO in October!

Originally published at Dentacoin Blog.

Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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