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The last month was certainly important for Dentacoin. This pre-ICO period marked significant success from a point of view of gaining awareness towards our project, attracting more members of the Dentacoin community and getting support from more and more exchange platforms. As you already know, we launched our ICO on October, the 1st and during the ICO you are able to buy Dentacoin at a special fixed rate of 0.00000003 BTC/DCN or 0.0000004 ETH/DCN. The purchase can happen on our website (against ETH), through MyEtherWallet (ETH), imToken (ETH), as well as on exchange platforms like Cryptopia (ETH/BTH), HitBTC (ETH/BTC/USDT), Coinexchange (ETH/BTC), Mercatox (ETH/BTC), BuyUcoin (INR).

Now we are happy to announce that Dentacoin is also supported in Coinomi Wallet!

What is Coinomi?

Coinomi is a lightweight, secure, universal, HD Wallet available for Android, being the largest and oldest active multi-coin thin wallet in the market supporting over 80 blockchains and 200 tokens. Your private keys never leave your device and setting up the application takes only a few minutes. Its user-friendliness and elevated level of security are among the key benefits of Coinomi that make us glad to have Dentacoin (DCN) supported. Another key feature which will be of high interest to all Dentacoin holders is the potential instant in-app exchange between altcoins from within the app if we are supported on either Changelly or ShapeShift exchange.

“Dentacoin is a project which aims at opening the market for Blockchain into the everyday life, just like our wallet which allows users to access their currencies safely at any time. Its real-world purpose and a clear long-term vision are admirable. The potential to change a whole industry by activating the decentralized power of the crowd through a custom-made token is what first grabbed our attention. We are very glad to be part of this movement “, said Coinomi CEO George Kimionis.

How to buy Dentacoin (DCN) using Coinomi?

Coinomi will also allow you to easily contribute to the Dentacoin ICO with one simple click. The purchase from within the app will be available against Ether (ETH). What is the process?
One option is to just send the desired amount of ETH to the Dentacoin smart contract by making a standard transaction.

Another option is to click on the announcement of the Dentacoin ICO in Coinomi. Then an ICO screen will pop up. You will have to choose a “Pay from” and a “Receive with” account, as well as the amount. Then you should agree to the Terms&Conditions and click on “Participate”. Note that the only available option for “Pay from” and “Receive with” fields will be Ether (ETH).

Please note: The one and only contract address, allowing you to contribute to the Dentacoin ICO, is published on our official ICO page: You can verify the contract address in this video with our co-founder and core developer Jeremias Grenzebach: DentaTalk: Pre-ICO with Jeremias Grenzebach, episode 3. You can also verify the contract address on Etherscan:

Verify the Dentacoin contract
Verify the Dentacoin contract

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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