Dentacoin Listed on Vertex, “The Amazon for digital assets”

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January 8th: We are excited to announce that Dentacoin has been listed on a first aftermarket platform — Vertex.

About Vertex

Vertex is the first decentralized OTC token market in the world. It offers trading tokens at a preferential price before they are listed on exchange platforms. Apart from that, Vertex offers a secondary market that allows OTC (over the counter) peer-to-peer trades, as well as an information hub where people can get the latest insights about the listed digital assets.

Behind the project are partners from Vertex Capital — experienced Angel investors, Venture Capitalists and seasoned business owners. Taking inspiration from the current state of the private equity and venture capital markets, the team foresaw the need to create a secondary market for digital assets that tackles the issue of liquidity for illiquid tokens. As the blockchain sector develops with lightning speed, the financial infrastructure is lagging behind, and is barely able to support token adoption thus slowing it down tremendously.

Vertex prides itself on listing high quality projects, stating that “all projects are subject to Venture Capital evaluation.”

Dentacoin (DCN) on Vertex

Dentacoin holders now have the option to buy and sell the token via OTC without the need of an exchange and from the comfort of their own wallet. You can also dig into the details of the project, by visiting its dedicated info hub page. Key information about the token, its investor rating, social media presence and news feed are all available on the page.

Vertex charges transaction fees between 1% (no staking) and 0.1% (staking) per transaction. If users stake VTEX tokens, they can save on transaction fees and have them lowered by up to 90%, depending on the amount staked.

Following the Dentacoin listing, Vertex will become the first aftermarket digital asset platform to support the coin, in addition to 27 exchange platforms: HitBTC, Cryptopia, Coinexchange, Mercatox, IDEX, CoinFalcon, UPcoin, BuyUcoin, Godex, AtomicWallet, SimpleSwap, CryptoBulls, TokenJar, BestRate, EasyRabbit, KoinOk, ChangeNow, ChainEX, LATOKEN, CoinSwitch, OEX and Kanga.

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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