Dentacoin Network Welcomes Smile Care Dental Avenue

We are excited to welcome Smile Care Dental Avenue, an exceptional clinic in Kashipur, to Dentacoin Partner Network! The practice was established by Dr. Shashank Nagar in 2010 and he is also the Chief Dentist. The clinic has expertise spanning across the various aspects of dentistry including pediatric dentistry, smile designing, crown and bridge restorations, oral surgery, teeth whitening, and dental implants.

Dr. Nagar is a firm believer that a patient’s convenience should be the most important priority of a practitioner. Devoted to delivering only top-quality dental care to both adults and children, Dr. Nagar has developed a reputation as an exceptional dentist. Furthermore, his interest in the latest technologies in dentistry has led him to explore Dentacoin and thus evolve his practice in the dynamic digital world.

“I’ve allowed my patients to use Dentacoin in my clinic. I am accepting this new mode of payment with a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation as I believe Dentacoin will make a huge impact by defeating other methods of payment” shares Dr. Nagar.

His passion for providing accessible dental care to all makes him recognize the positive outcomes of blockchain in dentistry.o Not only are payments made easier. Furthermore, patients are motivated to develop better oral habits.

“Dentacoin is a great inducement that can engage my patients and bring a positive attitude towards treatment, as well as different payment methods. With the Dentacoin app patients also get digital currency for their own and they can also educate others. There wouldn’t be any need for physical currency especially in this social distancing environment.”, shared Dr. Nagar.

Innumerable people found a cure to their dental issues at Smile Care Dental Avenue in the past decade. Dr. Shashank is eager to keep his patients’ teeth healthy by making the right diagnosis and using the most suitable treatment methods. As an experienced endodontist, he has helped many patients not lose their teeth through root canal treatment.

Development is the key to any practice and Dr. Shashank keeps on moving forward. He is inspired by the new and modern technologies that shape the future of our days. The clinic is eager to spread awareness towards better dental health using modern tools and to provide services with an attention to patients’ well-being.

Have you visited Smile Care Dental Avenue? Leave a review and gain some Dentacoins that you can use on your next dental check-up.


Doctor Nagar does not leave his good time management at the dentistry office.

Work-life balance may not always be an easy task, but he is devoted to family and always manages to spend quality time with them. How could you not feel inspired by the devotion of such a professional? That’s why we are so happy to welcome Smile Care Dental Avene in Dentacoins’ big family!



Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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