Dentacoin Now Accepted in City Dental Clinic

Dentacoin Network in India expands further, as we welcome Dr. Kafilul Bari Khan (BDS) as our 189th partner. His practice City Dental Clinic in Cuttack (Odisha) was established back in 2004 and has been running successfully ever since. Dr. Khan’s clinic specializes in crowns, bridges, root canal treatments, and implants.

How Did City Dental Clinic Find Its Way to Dentacoin?

Dr. Khan learned about Dentacoin thanks to his friend and colleague Dr. Saif Siddiqui, a highly valued Dentacoin proponent. As an ambitious professional Dr. Khan is always looking for ways to improve patients’ satisfaction. And it did not take him long to see how Dentacoin tools helped him to achieve that.

Barely two weeks have passed since he registered on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, and he started receiving excellent reviews on the platform.

“Nowadays the whole world goes digital. And with the expansion of digital trends in every business sector, I think Dentacoin is a great concept that can support the growth of my dental practice. It can help me find new patients and increase my exposure as an advanced dental professional.”
Dr. Kafilul Bari Khan, Dental Surgeon

Dr. Khan: Dental Surgeon, Tutor, and Social Activist

One may think that a successful career in dentistry may be enough for somebody. But Dr. Khan’s ambition goes beyond his everyday dental tasks.

Dr. Khan holds a BDS degree which he acquired from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science, Bangalore in 2004. He also spent seven years as a lecturer at Hi-tech Dental College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar. Now he shares his long-lived experience as a university tutor in The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.

In a country like India, plagued by vast dental inequality, it is important to take care of the less advantaged. That is why Dr. Khan keeps socially active by participating in different charity campaigns. He is an active member and promoter of Healthy India Mission Society, an NGO that aims at spreading health welfare among the area of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Leave your Trusted Reviews about Dr. Kafilul Bari Khan

Have you been a patient of Dr. Khan? Now you have the chance to leave a Trusted Review about your dental experience at his City Dental Clinic!





Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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