Dentacoin Now Listed on Exchange & Atomic Wallet

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May 28, 2018: We are excited to announce that Dentacoin is now listed on decentralized exchange!

“We don’t believe in tooth fairy, but we do believe in blockchain improving dental care worldwide and making it affordable through Dentacoin community power! Now DCN is available on for instant safe exchange!” — Twitter is a decentralized crypto-currency exchange, based on blockchain technology, featuring more than 102 coins available for trading. The exchange is available on any device and browser, without the need for registration and provision of personal data. Godex is an international platform, with 0.5% fees, where you can trade Dentacoin (DCN) against Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and 80 other altcoins.

Godex’ main aim is to provide its users with high-speed transactions. The entirety of the exchange process — every step and stage has been examined and designed carefully by the team, in order to provide crypto-currency trading as fast as no one else can. The focus lies on improving this even further in the future, where every next transaction is faster than the previous one.

The platform guarantees the best prices available, by analyzing scanned data from their partner network of top 7 exchange market list and refreshes every 3 seconds.

More good news: Dentacoin is now also supported on — crypto wallet service and cross-blockchain decentralized exchange!

“We want our wallet to be the most convenient for all people using this token, so they can try all the advantages of Atomic Swap technology”, commented the team of Atomic Wallet. is a light multi-asset wallet with built-in atomic swap exchange.

“An atomic swap is a cryptocurrency trade that can be executed instantaneously without the need for a third party service to facilitate the exchange. It’s another stage in the evolution of decentralized exchange, an attempt to make trading safer, more efficient, and trustless.” — CoinCentral

The way atomic swaps work, is very similar to a barter trading model — Person A wants to trade 1 Bitcoin (BTC) for 14 Ether (ETH) and Person B wants to do the opposite. With a regular wallet this cannot be performed safely, without intermediary (exchange, escrow service, or any trusted 3rd party) and this is where the Atomic Swap comes in.

Instead of being afraid to send their tokens first (as the other party may not send theirs), the swap creates a contract for both trading parties and is automatically executed upon consent from both. When executed Person A receives their desired amount of ETH in exchange for their Bitcoin (BTC) and so does Person B, vice-versa, without having to place their trust on an unknown other.

Last, but not least — Atomic Wallet allows the use of a bank card, which gives you another option to purchase Dentacoin (DCN) with fiat, via Changelly. Here’s a complete list of features of what sets Atomic Wallet from the rest:

Atomic Wallet advantages
Atomic Wallet advantages

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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