Dentacoin Partners with BITEIN: Premier Indian Dental Portal & Awards

5 min readMay 16, 2019

May 16th, 2019: It’s time to expand our horizons with a new partner met at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany: Dr. Ajay Kakar and his Mumbai-based company BITEIN. BITEIN strives to be the one-stop location for everything dental in the digital world of India — from information and research, through education and awards, to software and trade.

“Our meeting with Dr. Kakar was indeed one of the most interesting ones at IDS. Learning about his solid positions on the Indian dental market, the impressive BITEIN Awards and his inherent inclination towards digital technology made it obvious that a cooperation between us would be beneficial for both sides. I trust this is just the beginning of a long-term, fruitful partnership that will help us expand and strengthen our positions in India,” explained Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin.

BITEIN and the Indian Dental Industry Veteran Dr. Ajay Kakar

Launched by the renowned Dr. Ajay Kakar two decades ago, before the turn of the millennium, BITEIN’s mission is to cater to dental professionals worldwide by aggregating a comprehensive offering, consisting of a news portal, dental research e-journal, online shop and auctions, dental business directory and last, but certainly not least — a full-stack dental software solution.

Dr. Kakar’s first steps towards the pole position BITEIN is currently in started with the development of his dental software solution — The Dentist. The software itself is one of, if not the first such solution for the Indian market, and was initially programmed into MSDOS which predates the Windows operating system, for those of you who still remember. Naturally, as the software industry developed, so did Dr. Kakar’s solution and with decades of development through all versions of Windows it became synonymous for its blend of IT and Dental excellence.

Apart from spearheading the technological revolution of the Indian dental ecosystem, Dr. Kakar was also the one to launch the first ever dental awards in the country in 2010. The event is organized on an annual basis and offers 10 awards for dental excellence in various categories. This year will also be the event’s 10 year anniversary with 100 nominees being celebrated for their achievements since its first installment.

Speaking of achievements, BITEIN not only awards such efforts but fosters them via the BITEIN Research Project — the newest initiative in Dr. Kakar’s portfolio. Its goal is to provide a platform for local dentists to display their works and contribute to the improvement of current dental techniques, treatments, systems and applications, via submissions, peer review and discussion of the research papers. The Crème de la crème is then shortlisted as potential nominees for the awards mentioned earlier.

To further foster a healthy environment for the growth of the industry, BITEIN is also actively involved in organizing trainings under the banner of Ecole Dentale in the fields of Periodontology, Implantology, Endodontics, Practice Management and Orthodontics. Another key educational event that is organized by the company is the three-day event “Octaplant,” featuring the latest industry innovations in a 100% online education and trade event.

Additionally, BITEIN offers two distance education programs — M.Sc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry together with the Manchester University and its UK educational partner Smile On Health Care, as well as an upcoming M.Sc in Implantology together with the University of Jerusalem, also in conjunction with the same educational partner. Because of these combined efforts, BITEIN was able to develop an extensive network within the dental industry, both locally and internationally.

What This Means for Dentacoin?

Now with blockchain we are reaching a new paradigm in technological development and together with Dr. Kakar’s BITEIN, Dentacoin will be exploring opportunities to expand its market within the growing digital dental ecosystem of India.

“I was absolutely impressed when I heard about Dentacoin at the International Dental Show in Cologne. Your concept is indeed very intriguing and futuristic, especially the smart prevention approach,” explained Dr. Kakar following our meeting at the biggest dental event in the world.

Dentacoin Foundation is planning to provide additional rewards for the BITEIN Awards winners in the first and only digital asset for the global dental industry. Using the network of the renowned Dr. Kakar will help us generate further engagement and awareness from some of the top brass when it comes to local talent.

“It is fantastic that we will be awarding Dentacoin to the winners of the BITEIN Awards! I am looking forward to cooperating with you in expanding the Dentacoin presence in India,” shared Dr. Ajay Kakar.

Integration into the practice management solution The Dentist to foster preventive dentistry and streamline the processes with the easy-to-track audit trail that comes with blockchain is also under discussion. Dr. Kakar is also looking to integrate Dentacoin in his one dental practice and help us reach more of his colleagues and patients. So stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

As BITEIN with Dr. Kakar and his subsidiaries cooperate with Dentacoin, the number of Dentacoin partners exceeded 90 organisations in 22 countries, all gathered together around the idea for better dental health through intelligently applied technology.




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