Dentacoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Is Now Available for Free

3 min readJul 16, 2020


Are you ready for the roll-out of Dentacoin payments? You better be, as we have just released a free Dentacoin WooCommerce plugin for everyone’s e-commerce needs.

Dentacoin payment gateway wordpress woocommerce

Dentacoin Enters E-Commerce

With the help of the Dentacoin Payment Gateway, every WooCommerce webstore owner can start accepting DCN payments in just a few clicks. No complicated procedures, integrations, or major settings needed! Following a quick and easy installation, you’re all set up and ready to receive Dentacoin for any order on your website. Apart from allowing you to accept payments in DCN, the plugin automatically converts the prices you have set up according to the current market rate.

The plugin works with WooCommerce — one of the most popular platforms for Wordpress-based online retailers.


How It Works

➡️ Free and easy installation

Once your store is already set up product-wise, it is time to set up the Dentacoin Payment Gateway plugin. To do so, please navigate to its dedicated page here or install it from your Wordpress admin panel by searching for it in tab Plugins. Upon successful installation, tap the activate button in your Plugins tab and you’re good to go.

➡️ Simple, custom settings

For your customers to pay, you must enter your wallet address for receiving payments. Go to the WooCommerce plugin tab on the left, choose Settings, and then go to Payments. You will see Dentacoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce. Click Manage. On top of adding your wallet address, you can also set a limited time frame for an order to be valid while awaiting payment.

➡️ Cheaper and secure transactions

When customers attempt to pay in DCN, they are prompted to input their wallet address and scan the generated QR code to complete the payment. Manual payments (without scanning the QR) are also supported. The sum in Dentacoin is then locked for the time frame you specified in your WooCommerce Payments settings. No additional charges apply, except for the standard ETH transaction fees (usually less than $1).

➡️ Notifications and automations

Should the order remain open without payment longer than the pre-set time frame, it will automatically expire. Throughout the payment processing, your customers are notified of changes in their order status via helpful emails. Once the payment arrives, their order automatically changes from “On Hold” status to “Processing”, giving you a heads-up that it is time for you to ship that order.

See a detailed installation guide here.

Ready to go?

Do you have a Wordpress WooCommerce webstore? Supercharge your e-commerce venture with the Dentacoin Payment Gateway. Download for free now:





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