Dentacoin Presents Partnership with Yash Dental Care

We are thrilled to present our latest partner in India — Yash Dental Care. The clinic is a family-run practice located in Ghaziabad. It’s led by Dr. Ritwik Tyagi, MDS in Prosthodontics, and his wife Dr. Ridhi Kothari, MDS in Orthodontics who are devoted to catering to the dental health of local patients. With compassion, honesty, and dedication to dental health, they are making people smile each day, one at a time. In order to achieve a healthy smile for all, they go beyond the dentist’s office. Recently, they initiated free dental checkup camps for the local community. In addition to dental examinations, they were also distributing toothpaste, medicine, and healthcare information. The aim of the camp was to spread awareness for dental, personal, and medical health in society. And this is something they have in common with Dentacoin, the blockchain solution dedicated to educating people on dental health.


Dr. Ritwik Tyagi quickly saw the positive outcomes for both his practice and for his patients which made him quickly invested in the idea. With so many Indian patients having financial difficulties when it comes to dental health costs, Dr. Tyagi saw an opportunity in DCN rewards as a way for patients to cover their treatment costs.

“Dentacoin is revolutionary for dentistry. High costs of dental treatments are not such a big problem anymore as the platform gives a variety of options like discounts for patients and a chance to earn coins. Dentacoin is accessible worldwide, patient-friendly, and convenient to use. ” by Dr. Ritwik Tyagi.


Yash Dental Care provides a wide range of oral health care services to patients. But what is truly remarkable in the ways they are implementing preventative dental health practices in their work. They strive not only to cure but to educate as you can see from their interactive initiatives around the city of Ghaziabad.

The family dentists team believes in transparency within all aspects of their work. Due to this you will find a variety of information on their website, dedicated, yet again to spreading awareness on different dental issues and how patients can deal with them. Their initial passion for dental care makes them out the patient at the heart of everything they do, based on their own words. And their goal is to exceed the expectations of patients at every opportunity.


Have you visited Yash Dental Care? You can now leave an authorized review about your experience on Trusted Reviews! That way you will help other patients from your area to choose the right dentist for them.




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