Dentacoin Trusted Reviews MAINNET is LIVE!

Hey Dentacoin supporters,

Recently, we seem to be in a series of GREAT NEWS: We are happy to announce that the Trusted Review Platform MAINNET is here earlier than planned! As shown on our Roadmap, this was supposed to happen in Q4, 2017 but thanks to our loyal and active community on Slack and other test groups of patients and dentists, we managed to identify and solve some minor problems on the testnet version faster than expected. Right now all the transactions are already happening on the Main Ethereum Network. Meaning that EVEN NOW you can create a profile and earn Dentacoins by writing a review to your dentist and help him/her achieve achieve better service!

For the past 4 days, 113 dentists and patients have already created their profile on the platform (as of 8 pm GMT, 20.08.2017)! This is far better than we planned it. Let’s see some figures:

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READY TO JOIN? You must have been to a dentist’s office at least once, right (If not, then it’s about time, don’t you think ツ)? Then why not writing your first review and earn Dentacoins? Here are some simple steps to follow:
1. Sign up as a patient here and verify your account.
2. Set up a wallet in MetaMask, so that you are ready to receive your Dentacoins (here is how). Note that in the current version of the platform you will need 0.004 ETH in your wallet in order to cover the transaction costs.
3. Find a dental clinic you have visited here. You can’t find such? Then simply create a profile for your dentist using this link. Make sure you type in the right email so that they could get notified and join this community! However, even before they claim their profile, you could proceed with writing a review.
4. All set up to now? Then go on: Share your honest and unfiltered feedback by filling out the review form! Help us improve dental care and earn Dentacoins!

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Thank you all for your trust and support! We took a big step together! Do you have any questions or recommendations? Join our Slack community for the latest news and open discussion with the team!

Dentacoin Team

Originally published at Dentacoin Blog.

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