Dentacoin Weekly Updates: 5–12 Jan 2018

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Dear community,

The last week was marked by the expansion of the Dentacoin Partner clinic network, as two new clinics (in Hungary and in Australia) started accepting payments in DCN and more will be announced in the upcoming week. Negotiations are being finalized at the moment. Hint: We are stepping on a new continent again

In regards to the technical problems you might’ve experienced with some of the exchange platforms, where Dentacoin is listed on, we would like to assure you that all reported issues are taken into consideration and addressed to the support teams. Some important updates:

  • Coinexchange is no longer under maintenance (the withdraw fee there remains 1 DCN)
  • The withdraw fee on HitBTC was reduced from 120000 DCN to 1280 DCN
  • The whole LTC market on Cryptopia will be moved to another platform . More news from Cryptopia can be seen here

Another important event this week is our migration from Slack to Ryver as a main community channel! If you are a member of our Slack community, you should’ve received an invitation via email. Alternatively, you can join our Ryver channel here.

Now let’s go through the other highlights of the week.

1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 227 new installs of the Android version (organic traffic + promotion)
  • Different types of Journeys being developed — e.g. for children, for people with braces, for people with removable dentures, etc.


  • 477 new registered users (organic traffic + promotion)
  • Referral options being implemented
  • Automation and security updates

Trusted Reviews:

  • 424 new registered users (organic traffic + promotion)
  • 59 new dental practices registered (organic traffic)
  • Automation and security updates
  • New option for video reviews in a development stage

2) Dentacoin Partner Network:

  • 2 new partner dental clinics: CONTIDENT, Hungary (more) and Dental on Flinders, Australia (more)
  • 43 dentists/ dental practice owners/ dental medicine students initiated a contact to learn more about DCN (Facebook promotion + website)
  • Negotiations with more potential partner clinics
  • Conversation with a dental supplier about a potential partnership

3) Media Presence Highlights:

4) Others:

  • New Dentacoin website concept being developed
  • New website, targeting dentists, being developed
  • Migration from Slack to Ryver (Ryver invite link here)

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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