Dentacoin Weekly Updates: January 11–18

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Dear Community,

Another interesting week is behind us. Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:

On Tuesday, we released a brand new survey on DentaVox — Children’s Oral Health.

Adopting good oral care habits as early as possible is crucial for promoting children’s dental health and grown-ups are meant to lead by example. Complete DentaVox’s “Children’s Oral Health” survey and get rewarded for sharing your experience as a parent or your general attitude!

Then on Friday we closed the curtains for the week, by getting listed on StealtheX offers anonymous, safe and limitless atomic swaps, while not requiring registration.

The platform integrates popular trading platforms, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and HitBTC to give you the best rates, while trading your favourite digital asset. StealtheX conducts instant exchanges and does not store deposits.

Now let’s proceed with the other regular updates.

1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 65 new users (organic)
  • Android and iOS versions being updated with different user journeys based on dental status, age, preferences


  • 96 new users (organic)
  • Overall design and process optimizations in progress

Trusted Reviews:

  • 3 new users (organic)

2) Dentacoin Partner Network:

  • Conversations with more potential partner dentists
  • Continuous discussions with an innovative dental ecommerce platform, as well as additional dental clinics in Asia and Europe, willing to implement DCN

3) Others:

  • Dentacoin listed on
  • Official Dentacoin Facebook group has been established
  • Preparations for the upcoming International Dental Show (IDS)
  • Dental Assurance Testnet launched
  • New Dentacoin platform website under development
  • Continuous communication with all exchange platforms in top 50 on Coinmarketcap
  • Binance application in progress
Dentacoin applied on Binance
Dentacoin applied on Binance

4) Media Presence Highlights:

WulfKaal Top 100 Token Models Compared

TechBullionInterview with Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder of Dentacoin; Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry.

NewsBTCFirst Blockchain-Based Dental Assurance Has Been Released

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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