Dentacoin Weekly Updates: March 1–8

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Dear Community,

The final week before we set sail for our adventure to one of the largest dental industry events in the world — the International Dental Show in Cologne is behind us! Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:

For the bigger part of the week we have been busy finalizing the preparations for our upcoming visit to IDS. The crew has already begun constructing the stage for our booth and photos will be coming soon.

Furthermore we have made steady progress with Dentacoin Assurance, in order to have the front-end ready and the back-end functioning properly to unveil it for the first time live in front of our audience over at IDS. Visitors will have a chance to experience what it is like to take advantage of this revolutionary healthcare model and see for themselves what the future of dentistry has in store for them.

Now let’s proceed with the other regular updates.

1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 57 new users (organic)
  • Child version in development


  • 46 new users (organic)

Trusted Reviews:

  • 3 new users (organic)

Dentacoin Wallet:

  • 43 new users (organic)

2) Dentacoin Partner Network:

  • Conversations with more potential partner dentists

3) Others:

  • Official Dentacoin Facebook group has been established
  • Finalizing preparations for the upcoming International Dental Show (IDS)
  • Dentacoin Assurance demo coming to IDS
  • Dentacare child version in development
  • All platforms undergoing SEO
  • New Dentacoin platform website under development
  • Continuous communication with all exchange platforms in top 50 on Coinmarketcap
  • Binance application in progress
Dentacoin applied on Binance
Dentacoin applied on Binance

4) Media Presence Highlights:

BlockPublisherThese Blockchain Healthcare Projects Are Paving The Way To The Future

ConsensusNetworkEP30: Dentacoin? What?

Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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