Dentacoin Weekly Updates: May 17–24, 2019

The end of May is slowly coming to an end, with plenty of happenings all over. Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:

1) Dentacoin Tools:


We welcomed 173 new users on DentaVox, Trusted Reviews, Dentacare, Dentacoin Wallet dApp.


This week the team has been working hard on pushing the preparations for the upcoming blog that will be dedicated to Trusted Reviews. With the blog released visitors will be able to keep up to date with the latest happenings on Trusted Reviews, as well as get helpful tips on how to maximize their user experience on the platform.

Apart from that we have released a new feature that allows patients to invite their own dentists and receive Dentacoin rewards for spreading the word, should the entry be approved and verified. The feature also allows dentists to claim their profile after it’s been created and take over control of its management.


Just like Trusted Reviews, so is DentaVox getting its own blog for visitors to keep in touch with the latest developments, as well as get ahold of the platform’s quantitative research results in the form of infographics.

Speaking of research, the first custom survey was already ordered by our most recent partner — Dr. Beqa and his Paradent clinic, based in Kosovo. You can find more about Dr. Beqa in his dedicated segment further into the article.


As announced last week, we are working on a new cross-login implementation of the Dentacoin Hub, which allows visitors to use the same account for all tools. The work continued this week as well and we are looking forward to its upcoming release in the near future.

Catch up with the release of the Dentacoin Hub in the article below:

2) Partner Network:


This week also market another important milestone, as we partnered up with Dr. Ardian Beqa’s Paradent practice, based in Pristina, Kosovo, thus opening another fresh new market for Dentacoin in Europe. Following our meeting at IDS, Dr. Beqa was happy to bring more than 40 years of experience to the Dentacoin network.

“I implemented Dentacoin as I see it as a great way to streamline how payments are handled and find new ways to foster relationships with my patients,” shared Dr. Beqa, as he begins to accept Dentacoin as a means of payment.

Read more about our partnership here:


We are finalizing our agreement with a Europe-based company helping health practitioners with web development, video production and other online marketing activities. Another partnership with a dental chain is also in the pipeline. We will surprise you with a cooperation that proves that healthy teeth goes hand in hand with healthy food. Follow us for updates!

3) Other:


Furthermore we stirred up excitement this week, by creating an amazing opportunity for our community members to show their colors with Dentacoin merchandise now available for purchasing on Crypto & Proud!

Dentacoin will be highlighted in a new collection and as a featured partner on Crypto & Proud among other top projects, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more. Within the collection you will find Dentacoin branded items in different variations of hats, t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases and mugs.


How? Just use the “DENTACOIN” promo code at check out, before May 30th.

Read more:


Dentacoin is offering “minimal optionality” because it is for “dentists only”? Let’s widen this misinterpreted statement by adding the truth on top of it. Here are the eight main use cases defining Dentacoin’s place in today’s multi-currency world:

You can find the full breakdown below:

3) Media Mentions:

AHealthcareIndustry — Comprehensive Research on Crypto Health Market boosting the growth with top key players

Cointelegraph — More Than 900 ERC-20 Tokens Now Available in Lumi Wallet

CIOReview — Dentacoin and Indacoin to Deliver Feeless Transactions for the Dental Industry

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HackerNoon — Know The Coin: Dentacoin’s Co-Founder and Core Developer Jeremias Grenzebach Weighs In.

0xzx — 知道代币:Dentacoin的联合创始人和核心开发人员Jeremias Grenzebach称重

0xzx IT — Conoscere il token: il co-fondatore di Dentacoin e lo sviluppatore principale Jeremias Grenzebach pesa.

0xzx FR — Connaître le symbole: Jeremias Grenzebach, co-fondateur et développeur principal de Dentacoin, pèse.

BlockchainHub [TVCC 숨은코인찾기] DENTACOIN 덴타코인 (DCN)

TVCCNews — [TVCC 숨은코인찾기] DENTACOIN 덴타코인 (DCN)




Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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