Dentacoin Weekly Updates: May 18–25, 2018

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Dear community,

It’s time for updates!

As usual, in the beginning of the working week, we published the fifth episode of our video updates. “I’m thrilled to share that Dentacare was awarded “App of the Day”. […] Also, we received an email from Apple that our alternative version of Dentacare is to be approved and our developers are working on it,” shared Ayredin Stoyanov, Graphic & Product Designer at Dentacoin. Watch the video:

An interesting article, worth reading, was published by Authority Dental, the fastest growing dentistry website. “If you’ve ever heard the term blockchain or the digital currency Bitcoin, you should also know about a company called Dentacoin. They combine the cryptocurrency world and the dental industry like never before. […] The future seems bright for Dentacoin. There doesn’t seem to be any other company like them. […] Many experts say cryptocurrency is the future and will eventually replace the US dollar. If that’s true, Dentacoin has positioned itself perfectly.” Read more:

Apart from that we spent most of the time this week discussing the following essentially important topics:

  • The new Dentacoin website which will serve as a hub, combining all tools provided
  • The overall concept optimization, so that it fits even better to the needs of dentistry
  • New team members needed in regards to the next development steps planned

1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 221 new users of the Android version (organic)
  • Android and iOS versions being updated with different user journeys based on dental status, age, preferences
  • iOS version being updated in regards to the App Store’s requirements (after extensive communication with App Store)
  • Privacy Policy updated (please review, if you haven’t yet)


Trusted Reviews:

2) Dentacoin Partner Network:

  • Conversations with potential partner dentists (another partnership coming soon)
  • Follow-ups with existing partners
  • A new video for the waiting rooms of partner dental practices created (to be shared soon)
  • Optimizing the overall communication flow — website, emails, brochures, tutorials
  • Privacy Policy updated (please review, if you haven’t yet)

3) Others:

  • New Dentacoin platform website under development
  • New GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy finished: Read here
  • Continuous communication with all exchange platforms in top 50 on Coinmarketcap
  • Several important team discussions, including the topics overall concept optimization and new team members needed for the next development steps planned

4) Media Presence Highlights:

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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