Dentacoin Weekly Updates: May 24–31, 2019

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It’s the final hours of the last week of May. Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:

1) Dentacoin Tools:


We welcomed 189 new users on DentaVox, Trusted Reviews, Dentacare, Dentacoin Wallet dApp.


Work continued this week on DentaVox, with the release of our latest infographic “How Sweet Is the Road to Childhood Caries?” Its fruits became even sweeter, as it was picked up and published by South Africa’s RekordCenturion.

Additionally a new survey was also published this week — “Dental Fear & Anxiety in Children,” so in case you’ve missed it you can always make up for it by clicking on the image below:

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2) Partner Network:


As the last moments of May were coming to an end, the team had some amazing news, celebrated under the sound of steelpans, as Dentacoin opened a third new market this month from a very tropical destination — the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean, with Dr. Julien Dumon’s SXM Dental Clinic joining the partner network.

“I find great potential in the Dentacoin Healthcare Database as cataloguing such crucial information in a borderless location will do wonders for both patients and dentists. The easy but controlled access to a patient’s records will be of great help to all professionals, servicing dental tourists, by eliminating the tedious bureaucracy that is inherent when accessing such information,” shared Dr. Dumon.

Read more about our partnership here:


We are finalizing our agreement with a Europe-based company helping health practitioners with web development, video production and other online marketing activities. Another partnership with a dental chain is also in the pipeline. We will surprise you with a cooperation that proves that healthy teeth goes hand in hand with healthy food. Follow us for updates!

3) Other:


Last week, we brought you the exciting opportunity to grab exclusive Dentacoin merchandise from Crypto & Proud’s extraordinary collection of Dentacoin-branded items — from hats, t-shirts and hoodies to phone cases and mugs. The offer is still standing, so get yours now by visiting the Dentacoin collection on Crypto & Proud!

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Catch up with the announcement:

4) Media Mentions:

IOPScience — Digital Platforms as Factor Transforming Management Models in Businesses and Industries

RekordCenturion — How much sugar should your child consume?

Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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