Dentacoin Weekly Updates: May 3–10, 2019

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Another productive week passes by with some more interesting highlights!


We welcomed 119 new users on DentaVox, Trusted Reviews, Dentacare, Dentacoin Wallet dApp.


Our current focus for Trusted reviews is aimed at improving the overall user experience for dental professionals and creating a gamified tool that will guide them along the necessary steps to take full advantage of the features available on the platform. This will help them better market their practice and make it easily discoverable in both local and international context.


We are currently working on developing the conceptual framework to provide short & sweet surveys that will be easily digestible for users of all walks of life, which will also decrease the mental effort needed to complete them. In the end this will bring you less chances for distraction and you getting bored with dragged-out surveys! Another similar topic of improvement will be the introduction of daily polls, which will increase engagement on the platform and give you a reason to share your thoughts on a more frequent basis. Speaking of which did you take the last surveys?

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The development of the Dentacare version for children is moving forward with the gameplay being already coded in for the bigger and the first steps of polishing the prototype under way. At this stage the focus is on improving the prototype, by introducing secondary features and creating a smoother experience.


You are now able to manage all Dentacoin tools in one place, with the official release of the first version of the Dentacoin Hub! Dentacoin Hub ensures a seamless experience and is absolutely free for both dentists and patients. Now when signing in on or, everyone can access the Dentacoin Hub and be one click away from all available tools. Read more below:

We will be ramping up our outreach to the dental industry, so in preparation we are compiling new promotional materials for practices and patients — brochures, social banners and others. Additionally new partner dentist testimonials are also on the way to generate further engagement and reach more potential partners in the near future.


We are finalizing our agreement with a Europe-based company helping health practitioners with web development, video production and other online marketing activities. Another partnership with a dental chain is also in the pipeline. We will surprise you with a cooperation that proves that healthy teeth goes hand in hand with healthy food. Follow us for updates!

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