Dentacoin Weekly Updates: May 31 — June 7, 2019

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Time to greet the coming of June with the month’s first weekly updates. Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:

1) Dentacoin Tools:


We welcomed 199 new users on DentaVox, Trusted Reviews, Dentacare, Dentacoin Wallet dApp.


Let’s start with the amazing news that the number of visitors on the Trusted Reviews website rose sharply in May, with an overall of 130% uptake, when compared to the month before.

Additionally rankings for local searches and single dentist listings have also soared, giving dental practices registered on Trusted Reviews more reach and discoverability, for new patients to find them online.

You know a dentist who is not yet listed on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews? Invite them now and get rewarded for each real entry:

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Apart from that things are moving forward with the development of the Trusted Reviews blog. Its aim will be to explore the importance of patient feedback, help dentists harness its power, showcase the best-rated dentists, and attract new users.


The amazing news continue with DentaVox just as well, with a 48% increase in overall visitors in May and a whopping 2483% increase in email traffic!

❓DID YOU KNOW that we send email alerts for each new survey released? If you are registered on DentaVox, make sure you check your inbox regularly to never miss a chance for more tokens!

Apart from that the DentaVox blog development is also moving forward, with the goal of being the must-see stop for legitimate dental survey statistics and infographics based on results from verified users.

By the way, did you catch up with the release of the latest survey?

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Say hello to Dentacoin Hub’s Single Sign-In, as it is rolled out into action! This latest feature on the platform allows you to register and login on any tool, allowing you to navigate easily and stay authenticated throughout your journey across the ecosystem:

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2) Partner Network:


When it came to partnerships we were thrilled to announce earlier this week that we will be partnering with adbank to promote and deliver quality ads to the right people without losing ad spend to fraudulent clicks! With adbank’s patent-pending AI anti-fraud technology, the company intends to create a new transparent advertising ecosystem which comes along with a clear-cut audit trail — allowing payment traceability from advertiser to publisher.

“Dentacoin shares similar values with adbank in that it believes true adoption of its technology is the key to blockchain having the impact we all know it has the potential to have. As I researched and learned about Dentacoin, it was clear that they were using blockchain and smart contracts to align the best interests of all actors in their economic system just like we do with adbank. To see blockchain technology applied to healthcare in this way, which actually improves the lives of patients and dentists is exciting to see,” shares Jon Gillham, adbank’s CEO.

Read more about our partnership here:


We are finalizing our agreement with a Europe-based company helping health practitioners with web development, video production and other online marketing activities. Another partnership with a dental chain is also in the pipeline. We will surprise you with a cooperation that proves that healthy teeth goes hand in hand with healthy food. Follow us for updates!

3) Media Mentions:



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