Dentacoin Weekly Updates: October 12–19

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Dear Community,

Another week passes by, which brought us some interesting developments, from the Dentacoin wallet application! Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:

We dedicated most of our time this week towards finalizing some of the latest improvements for our tools and making steady progress on those that are soon-to-be-released. This eventually led us to the important announcement made this Friday — the Indacoin API integration in the Dentacoin wallet dApp.

The integration makes it possible to purchase Dentacoin with USD via standard card payments — fast and easy, with no registration, no hidden fees and most importantly — directly from your wallet!

With the Indacoin easy-to-use API, you no longer need to worry about complicated purchase processes, long waiting times or extremely high fees. You can even complete the entire process, while waiting for your next dentist appointment, in case you’ve forgotten to charge your wallet with the necessary amount to pay for your dental treatment!

Integrating the Indacoin API in the Dentacoin Wallet dApp is another big step forward towards connecting the entire dental ecosystem via an industry-specific currency and completing the currency cycle end-to-end. It also contributes to a seamless user experience, not only for dentists but for their patients just as well, making it more convenient than ever to take advantage of the benefits that the blockchain technology provides.

Read more about our partnership with Indacoin here:

Now let’s proceed with the other regular updates.

1) Dentacoin Tools:


  • 763 new users (176 organic)
  • Android and iOS versions being updated with different user journeys based on dental status, age, preferences


  • 225 new users (organic)
  • Overall design and process optimizations in progress

Trusted Reviews:

  • 17 new users (organic)
  • New registration & verification process for dentists in progress

2) Dentacoin Partner Network:

  • Conversations with more potential partner dentists
  • Continuous discussions with an innovative dental ecommerce platform, as well as additional dental clinics in Asia and Europe, willing to implement DCN

3) Others:

  • Vote for Dentacoin to be listed on NetCoins (you can vote every 24 hours)
  • Official Dentacoin Facebook group has been established
  • New Dentacoin platform website under development
  • Continuous communication with all exchange platforms in top 50 on Coinmarketcap
  • Binance application in progress
Dentacoin applied on Binance
Dentacoin applied on Binance

4) Media Presence Highlights:

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Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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