Dentacoin Welcomes S2 Dental Foundation

We are glad to welcome S2 Dental Foundation as Dentacoin’s newest partner! The practice is situated in the fast-paced city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and it was established in 2015. In the past several years the dentists’ team has cured thousands of people from India, as well as from all over the world. The clinic’s staff is dedicated to expand beyond borders and welcome more international patients in the near future. Progressive dentistry methods come in handy with such goals, and that is why S2 Dental Foundation decided to join Dentacoin Partner Network. Let’s dive deeper into what motivates the team and how they are changing the local scene!

Crypto Implementation Beyond Borders

The team of S2 Dental Foundation found Trusted Reviews website while they were researching recent dental innovations. They were quickly impressed by the idea behind the blockchain! And therefore they did not wait for too long before getting in contact with the Dentacoin team. With their desire to expand the business it was only natural for the team to get invested in the idea of preventative dental care blockchain.

The clinic is situated in the city of Chennai, which is one of the most developed cities in India in regard to crypto implementation. And S2 Dental Foundation is working hard each day to build an immaculate reputation in this vibrant and highly developing city. But the goal of the team is actually to be known internationally, and not only through Indian borders.

“We joined Dentacoin for international exposure. We believe that the network can help practices like ours grow outside of our own country”

Treating Patients From Chennai And Beyond

Technological development is one of the key elements to quality dental care. And digital tools like Dentacoin can help in this development process. S2 Dental Foundation’s intention has always been to give the best dental care available in the region, shared a member of the dentistry team Dr. Boominathan. So that means they need to stay up to date with the best practices in the field.

Patients from all over the world can get informed about the quality of treatments done in S2 Dental Foundation thanks to verified and unfiltered reviews in Trusted Reviews. The clinic is open at flexible times from Monday to Sunday and it offers a wide range of procedures. Anything from basic routine care to full mouth reconstructions. And patients are promised to leave the practice with a confident smile on their face.

Share about your dental experience visiting S2 Dental Foundation and don’t miss to leave an honest and helpful review at Trusted Review!




Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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