Dentalpro Dental Specialist Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia begins to accept Dentacoin

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June 6th, 2018: Following the first Austrian dentist’s accession to the Dentacoin network (Dr. Santoro) from the beginning of the week, we are happy to announce that Dentalpro — another Malaysia-based dental practice — begins to accept Dentacoin.

The Dentalpro Dental Specialist Centre is situated in the Bangsar neighbourhood, approximately 4 km away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre. The practice features a luxurious waiting area, modern equipment and facilities, including intra-oral camera electrosurgery, fibre optic lights and digital X-ray machine.

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Dentalpro’s top-quality dentist chairs offer patients maximum comfort, during treatment and are equipped with high-tech devices such as ultrasonic scaler and air-jet polisher and others. It is the second Malaysian practice to become part of our network, together with Dentist3.

We had a quick chat with Khalif Kamal, Corporate Communications Manager at Dentalpro, who had this to say:

1) What first grabbed your attention about Dentacoin?

Our dental specialist centre caters for clients from all around the world; to be more accurate, from over 120 countries around the world. We believe crypto currencies is a new method to ease cross-border transactions. However, since there are many digital currencies to choose from, we were looking out for an industry-specific currency, and we found Dentacoin!

Crypto currency is still new in Malaysia; nevertheless the awareness is growing. We expect our global patients to be highly receptive of this new move. We are proud to be the first dental clinic in Kuala Lumpur to adopt Dentacoin,” says Khalif Kamal, Corporate Communications Manager at Dentalpro.

2) How do you intend to inform your patients about Dentacoin?

Dentalpro uses many channels and platforms for communications with its patients and the public. These include website, social media, e-newsletter and other digital platforms. Special announcements will be made in all our communications channels. Our website will have a segment on the subject and our Customer Service team will be equipped to handle enquiries pertaining to the use of Dentacoin as mode of payment for our dental services.

3) How do you see our future cooperation? How do you estimate the future potential of the project?

Dentalpro’s vision is to be the World’s Dental Centre. By adopting new trends and technological changes we are facilitating our global markets better. Dentacoin is opening a new door to our global patients to facilitate cross-border transactions.

The future potential is limitless.

Dentalpro is the twenty fifth dental practice of the global Dentacoin network, together with our other partners located in the USA, Australia, the UK, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Fiji, India. Check all Dentacoin partners here.

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

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