DentaVox Goes Mobile: Alpha App Released

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Back in November 2017, the first-ever website for paid surveys on oral health topics was released. Since then, DentaVox has grabbed the attention of more than 53K+ individual users who answered a total of 42 million questions! But that’s not all: DentaVox research results have also attracted numerous influential online media and newspapers who constantly seek and publish curious articles based on the findings.

Now it’s time for the next step forward: DentaVox is soon coming to the mobile app stores! With the brand new DentaVox Paid Surveys mobile app, you will be able to take your favorite dental questionnaires on the go.

The goal? To make your experience more seamless than ever before.

DentaVox Paid Surveys mobile app will feature all crucial functionalities of the web version, namely:

  • Taking surveys from a growing pool with 180+ topics
  • Answering daily polls available to just 100 people
  • Collecting and withdrawing Dentacoin (DCN) rewards
  • Browsing publicly available statistics from surveys
  • Managing account, wallet, privacy settings, and more

Already have an account? Regardless of whether you have created it on the DentaVox website or on any other Dentacoin tool websites, you will able to access DentaVox Paid Surveys mobile app with the same login credentials.

The current alpha closed test version is aimed at ensuring that all basic features are operational. The diligent testing is handed to various professionals — developers, marketing specialists, dentists, dental front-office administrators — to explore the experience from all sides. We will devote the next few weeks to eliminating all general bugs and prepare a great first impression for you.

Stay tuned for the first DentaVox app beta public version at the beginning of February 2021!

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