Doctor Andrew Omwansi Joins Dentacoin Partner Network

We are excited to continue expanding our partnerships in Africa! Our new partner is Dr. Andrew Omwansi from Nigeria, owner of a Global Smile Dental Clinic.

The Global Smile Dental Clinic in Nigeria has been successfully functioning for a year now. The clinic offers an extensive range of basic and specialized dental care services in a serene and hygienic environment. It is also known for its high requirements for hygiene by implicating the best standard protocol for all levels of infection control. Dr. Omwansi is proud of his team of highly educated and experienced dental specialists and administrative personnel who can ensure clients’ dental needs are met. Alleviating the patient’s dental fear is an area of special attention for the team, hence, all doctors complete a special training in pain management.

Joining Dentacoin partner network, Dr. Omwansi is excited about the benefits for his patients and the new possibilities:

‘Partnering with Dentacoin has been a rewarding experience for me and my patients, not only will your knowledge about dentistry be broadened, you will also have the opportunity to earn. Dentacoin is simply the best.’

Dr. Andrew Omwansi

🌟 In the Spotlight: Global Smile Dental Clinic

Location: Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

Clinic owner/lead dentist: Dr. Andrew Omwansi

Education: UNIBEN (University of Benin)

Field of Expertise: General dentistry, Dental surgery, Cosmetic dentistry (including laser whitening and dental restorations), Endodontics (Root canal treatment), Orthodontics

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00–5:00, Saturday 9:00–2:00

Global Smile Dental Clinic Online:

Dr. Omwansi Online:

Have you been treated by Dr. Omwansi? Leave your Trusted Review below:





Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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