Dr. James J. Lee, Los Angeles Becomes Partner

Say hello to the Golden State once again, as we welcome James J. Lee and his clinic to the ever-expanding Dentacoin partner network!


Following in the footsteps of Dr. Peterson and Dr. Hoefke, Dr. Lee took over the management of the practice that has been in business ever since the mid 20th century towards new opportunities for dental excellence. Naturally, the doctor continues upholding the values the clinic has been known for throughout its journey — a commitment to quality and personalized dentistry.

Being at the helm of the company, Dr. James J. Lee aims to guide it towards becoming the leading provider of personalized preventative care in the area, in oppose to the common drill & fill mentality. This has earned both his expert team and himself the admiration of their patients.

Speaking of which, patients of Dr. Lee can enjoy a comprehensive personalized treatment in the fields of prophylaxis, implantology, TMJ, Invisalign, prosthetics, cosmetic and general dentistry. With a foundation in preventative dentistry, the practice offers thorough dental examinations and uses digital imaging to get in-depth information about the dental status of visitors, so the best treatment can be prescribed.

With a well-known track record of dedication towards preventative dentistry, it is a pleasure to have Dr. Lee’s practice with us on our shared mission. We are excited to have this opportunity to amplify each other’s messages and help spread the next stage of dental care in the US beyond the “Wait until it aches” philosophy.

“As the industry is growing increasingly impersonal and procedure-driven, our goal is to build a successful practice on the prevention model. Dentacoin shares our philosophy of preventative dentistry and provides a unique solution for marketing prevention,” shared Dr. James J. Lee.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Lee aboard and our tools are ready to aid him along the way. Are you a patient of his? Hop on to his dedicated profile on Trusted Reviews and share your thoughts about your experience:


The tally of partner locations in the area of Dr. Lee has now reached four, bringing the total number of US-based establishments to a whopping 35, thus putting the United States at the forefront of the coverage map. Together with his practice, the ever-growing Dentacoin network spans all continents across 33 countries thanks to the 116 establishments making modern, preventative dentistry a reality. See all partners here.



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