Dr. Nowinska Becomes First Partner in Poland

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Time to say hello to our friends in Central-Eastern Europe, as we welcome Dr. Agnieszka Nowińska and her Gdansk-based practice as the first partner location in Poland!

Dr agnieszka nowinska poland dentacoin partner web
Dr agnieszka nowinska poland dentacoin partner web

As a dental specialist of over 8 years, Dr. Nowińska set out on a mission to create a unique digital dental clinic that provides innovative services, such as the One Day Visit (ODV). At her practice, patients can take advantage of full dental restorations, CT scans, 3D printing, remote consultations, support from cutting-edge technology, modern treatment techniques, and a dedicated e-Dentistry platform. This allows her to shorten the time for procedure significantly — to less than a day — placing her in pole position on the local market.

Looking forward, Dr. Nowińska aims to roll out her One Day Visit service for all dental practices in the region. While the COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on the industry by reducing the income of dental professionals by as much as 50%, she sees an incredible opportunity to promote teledentistry and swift treatments in order to better adapt to the changing environment. This is especially the case for the vulnerable population, e.g. the elderly, and having the ability to do video consultations from the comfort of their own homes will certainly improve their dental health before and after the visit.

When she heard about Dentacoin, Dr. Nowińska saw another fascinating opportunity to innovate. Moreover, her vision for the future of the dental industry is based on the same fundamentals:

“I believe that the pack of services Dentacoin has to offer is a great solution to COVID-19 times, with protection and diagnostic daily routines. Combining Dentacoin’s ability for transparency in dentist-patient relations, teledentistry and One Day Visits is certainly a match made in Heaven,” shared Dr. Nowińska about our partnership.

The doctor is already taking advantage of the Dentacoin tool suite by having a dedicated profile up on Trusted Reviews to increase her reach. Are you a patient of hers? Drop by her page and leave a review:


With Dr. Nowińska becoming part of the Dentacoin network together with her practice, there are now 119 establishments in 36 countries on 6 continents, fostering cutting-edge preventive dentistry. Curious to find other partners? Check out the partner map here.

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