Dr. Sumit Shende Becomes Dentacoin Partner

Today we expand through India’s second-most populous state Maharashtra, as we welcome a new partner located in Surat. DCN payments are now accepted in Ekdant Multispeciality Dental Clinic and Implant Center! The clinic is led by Dr. Sumit Shende (BDS, MDS), a periodontist and implantologist with 7 years of practical experience, whose main goal is to deliver painless dental treatment to all patients. Dr. Shende now joins Dentacoin as he is eager to enhance the overall satisfaction for all people who come to his clinic.

DCN Tools in Patients Management Operations

Dr. Sumit Shende is happy to be growing his patient base day by day. But as the practice grows that means more responsibilities. Therefore, Dr. Shende was quite happy to find out about the Dentacoin tools, as he believes that they can help him better manage his practice. In Trusted Reviews platform he saw an opportunity to gather patient feedback more easily, and through using DentaVox materials he saw a chance to spread awareness about the importance of prevention in dentistry.

“I want to improve my clinic and to expand my business. And I find that Dentacoin is a great technology that can help me in the process of developing my practice. I am grateful to be part of a network with dentists from all around the world.”

Dr. Sumit Shende, Practice Owner

Driven by his desire to change the lives of more people for good, Dr. Shende plans to expand the range of services at his practice soon. But what is also important to Dr. Shende is to give accessibility for treatment to patients from all backgrounds. He believes that Dentacoin implementation can serve him well in this mission, as crypto tokens may be earned by patients, and then used on dental services. This ultimately makes oral care not only more accessible, but achievable!

About Dr. Sumit Shende

Dr. Shende holds a BDS from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik which he earned in 2015. Later, he pursued an MDS in Periodontics, again in the same university. During the last 7 years, he has specialized in Periodontics and Implantology.

As any progressive professional, Dr. Shende sees that technologies are the new base-ground for business growth. He is devoted to adopting progressive tools in Ekdant Multispeciality Dental Clinic, as he has always aspired the clinic to be one of the top practices in the local area of Yavatmal region.

Leave a Trusted Review Today

Have you been treated by Dr. Sumit Shende? Now you can leave a review at the Trusted Reviews website!





Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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