First Partner in Mexico: Dr. Pablo Amador Hernandez

Dentacoin continues to venture into new markets in Latin America! Shortly after announcing the first partners to accept DCN in Panama, now we salute the first partner in Mexico, Dr. Pablo Amador. Dr. Amador has carefully explored Dentacoin tools before taking this step. He has been using the apps and platforms for around 2 years before joining in as a partner.

Examining DentaVox results, Dr. Amador even likes to take surveys himself in his free time. Moreover, he finds Dentacare apps for adults and children (Jaws of Battle) extremely helpful in drawing patient’s attention to preventative care. He encourages patients to use the app, and he firmly believes in the benefits of digital technologies:

“I like Dentacoin because it promotes oral health through technology.”

Apart from his work with patients in private practices, he is also sharing knowledge with students at the FES Zaragoza of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). A favorite teacher, Dr. Amador does not limit himself to the classrooms. Apart from dentistry, on his blog, he likes to discuss topics related to the future, technology, and the potential of cryptocurrencies amidst economic turmoil.




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