Former UK-Based Dental Practice Manager Joins Dentacoin Team

4 min readDec 17, 2019

Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest addition to our team: Betina Bogdanova, former UK-based dental practice manager who is now Customer Care Manager at Dentacoin.

Short Bio: Betina Bogdanova

Betina is a graduate of International and European law at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Following successful completion, she continued her education in the Australian National University and completed two courses at Harvard University — Justice and Healthcare. The latter gradually took precedence in her further professional development and led her to eventually become a Chief Operations Officer and Business Development Operations Manager at Dentaprime F3T — a fully digital dental clinic in London, UK providing dental implant solutions to thousands of satisfied patients.

Her solid background and expertise in the dental field is essentially valuable for the future development of the Dentacoin partner network.

“Throughout my career, I have managed to expand my knowledge and personal development in various ways. I prepared a report on the topic of Essential Legislation for Medicine Access for the World Health Organization (WHO), I am a member of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI), have a certificate from the National Health Service (NHS) for Appraisal training for registered dental practice managers and owners and Dental Practice Management Certificate from Swiss Dentaprime Academy. During my period in the UK, I was also a fully registered practice manager with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) with numerous compliance certificates from trainings from the TDA and Isopharm,” shares Betina.

Get to Know Betina

To help you know Betina better, I asked her a few questions.

Donika: To begin with, please tell us more about your responsibilities at Dentaprime F3T.

Betina: As a COO, I was responsible for ensuring achievement of corporate objectives while also monitoring the timely execution of the business plan, expansion and financing of the long-term strategy of the organization. As a Business Development Operations Manager, I was responsible for strategy, customer value propositions, insights, sales effectiveness and brand for Dentaprime’s International Development Markets division. I was also constantly monitoring that the customer service at our practice to ensure the highest levels of patient satisfaction and retention.

Donika: Dentaprime F3T is one of the first partner clinics of Dentacoin. How did you use Dentacoin currency and tools there?

Betina: As groundbreakers in our field, we were always drawn to the latest innovation that the market could offer and partnering with Dentacoin was an obvious move. Dentaprime F3T has been using Dentacoin as a new and innovative means of payment for treatments. The DCN support staff made the process quite easy even amongst our elderly (50+) patients.

We were also in need of a user-friendly, yet trustworthy tool for patient reviews that does not require long time investment on our side, provides us with detailed feedback, and boosts our online presence. Following the implementation and usage of the Trusted Review platform, we completely loved it and used it as a reward programme for our patients. From there, we were introduced to DentaVox, which supplied free and valuable patient feedback and insights to help us with our strategic planning. As a trusted Dentacoin partner, we also had the opportunity to implement DCN as a reward for patient referrals which additionally increased the number of recommendations.


Donika: How did patients react when introduced to Dentacoin?

Betina: Most patients approached the topic with curiosity or sometimes hesitance. But after they learned more about it and saw its benefits — they could not wait to obtain rewards and pay for their treatment with it. They were also quite fond of the Dentacare app teaching them how to maintain proper oral hygiene during the time when they are at home.

Donika: As a former practice manager, what are in your opinion the main obstacles for dental practices nowadays?

Betina: Well, of course there are many. But the main will always remain the same: patient acquisition, providing exceptional customer service, retention of patients and maintaining good reputation. Dentacoin can help dentists with each one of them.

As a representative of one of the first Dentacoin partner clinics, Betina Bogdanova was part of our trade fair team at the International Dental Shows in March 2019 in Cologne.

Donika: Why did you decide to join Dentacoin?

Betina: I had the chance to work closely with the core team ever since the talks around possible business cooperation with Dentacoin. Since then I became a supporter of the project, promoting it to other industry participants (Betina was also part of our trade fair team at the International Dental Shows in March 2019 in Cologne — Ed.). Following the successful development of Dentaprime F3T, I saw Dentacoin as the next logical step and challenge for me.

Donika: What are your main goals as a Customer Care Manager at Dentacoin?

Betina: My main goal is to help dentists learn and reap the benefits that I have personally experienced as a dental practice manager. To give voice and to offer support with implementation of the tools at dental practices that are on their way to improvement. To share my passion, to share results!

Welcome, Betina!

We are thrilled to have you on board and looking forward to accomplishing great things together!




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