Golden Smile Becomes Dentacoin’s Latest Partner

Roll out the red carpet, for it’s time to welcome our latest partner in Turkey — the Golden Smile Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic with their three practices, located in Istanbul!


About Golden Smile

Ever since its founding in 2008, Golden Smile has been at the forefront of quality dental treatment for both local patients and those from abroad. At their three locations, they offer a full range of dental services, ranging from general and aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, implantology, dental surgery, and more.

Currently, Golden Smile has a presence in two of Istanbul’s districts — the flagship polyclinic in Başakşehir, another in Beylikdüzü, and one in Bahceşehir coming soon. Having such an active presence in the Rumeli suburbs of Istanbul allows for a steady inflow of patients from all over the area, who would prefer a more relaxed environment than that of the hectic streets of the metropolitan area.

Fostering Prevention in Istanbul

We are thrilled to have Golden Smile join our partner network, as they join our mission in spearheading preventive dentistry all around the world. By joining forces, we will strive to create a mutually beneficial connection to amplify our initiatives and improve the quality of dental care both locally and beyond.

“We believe that our partnership with Dentacoin will prove to be an extraordinary opportunity to improve our digital presence and stand out on the global market of the dental industry. By using the Dentacoin tool suite we will be looking forward to sharing with the world the positive feedback we receive from satisfied patients on a daily basis” — shared Dr. Serkan Ergul

Apart from the 5-star rating on GCR and Google Reviews, accumulated from happy patients throughout their years of service, Golden Smile is already taking advantage of the Dentacoin tool suite, as well. They have expanded their collection of positive feedback, by having a dedicated profile on Trusted Reviews. Have you had the chance to experience one of their treatments as a patient? Share your feedback here:


With Golden Smile Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic by our side, the Dentacoin partner network has now grown to 5 locations in Turkey, over 118 locations in 41 countries, and a presence on every continent. Looking for all partner practices? Find them all on our partner map at the bottom of this page:


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