Heed the Call of the Arena: Jaws of Battle Officially Released

5 min readMay 1, 2020


We call upon all Dentawarriors across the realm! Your skills in combat are legendary and every part of your body will be put to the test in the Arena. The Jawbreaker Squad stands in your way towards victory. Do you have what it takes to save Dentaria? Ready your weapons chosen ones and prepare for battle!

With this call to arms we are thrilled to roll out the red carpet for the official Android release of the first and only educational trading card game that helps you develop healthy dental care habits — Dentacare: Jaws of Battle.

Disclaimer: If you have taken part in the Alpha and Beta testing of the game, make sure you uninstall previous versions before you download the official release. Your old account will not work, as progress has been reset, in order to prevent unfair player advantage.

How to Save Dentaria

We started this initiative, as a way to tackle the resistance towards one of the most vital healthcare habits. This same habit is also unfortunately a great drudge that plagues both adults and children alike — the routine of brushing teeth and taking care of one’s oral hygiene. Fortunately we were not alone in our quest.

With our trusted ally psychology by our side, Dentacare: Jaws of Battle was born — a game of skill and an implicit learning experience for all ages. Thrown into the pit, players use cards with a dental theme, to fling special effects at each other and defend their jaw from enemy attacks for a set of turns. The player with the most teeth standing in the end is proclaimed victor.

By doing so, we are subliminally reinforcing the player’s learning experience, as they understand, which characters and themes have positive effects on their digital teeth and which don’t. Not only that, but a personal responsibility for the player’s dental wellbeing is ingrained through this mechanic, as they strive to do their best to protect it, with each conscious action taken towards victory, or eventual demise.

Fortunately for players, losing teeth is not permanent (unlike in real life) and they have a chance to recoup their losses, quick and easy, just by brushing their teeth. Thus a monumental shift in perception occurs, as the chore moves from “I have to” to “I want to” — the dreaded routine becomes a priceless tool for victory and the state of their teeth a core determinant.

This is how a boring habit is gamified into a thrilling experience and a glorious victory for dental health around the globe. Here’s how it works:

A Jawbreaking Combat Experience

You are the chosen ones and the fate of Dentaria is in your hands. Lock jaws and face your opponents in head to head combat to determine who can keep most of their teeth standing.

Unleash the Power of the Cards

Tactical mastery is crucial to your survival in the Arena. Unlock new cards, build the ultimate deck and pave your way to the top.

Defeat The Jawbreaker Squad

Fierce opponents await you in each Arena. Each sitting on their own stash of cards for you to claim with each victory.

The Toothbrush is your Friend

Your teeth are not immortal — give them the attention they need and they will carry you to victory. Take your device with you and brush together with your troops, as you all prepare for battle.

A Challenge of Mind and Mettle

Jaws of Battle will not only test your might, but your mind as well. Show your mental agility by completing daily quests to prove you are worthy of facing the Jawbreaker Squad.

Defeat the Jawbreaker Squad

Four vile leaders must you defeat to save Dentaria. Do not underestimate them.

The time has come for you, Chosen Ones. The path of the Dentawarrior is treacherous and danger lurks in every corner. Only you can decide the fate of Dentaria. Only you have what it takes to become Arena Champion. We are counting on you Dentawarriors. The roster awaits. Sign up now.

The Path that Lies Ahead

The official release is far from our journey’s end, with plenty more improvements on the horizon. This first version of the game is single player only, however this announcement also marks the beginning of the development of the multiplayer version, as well. Players will be able to challenge others from around the globe, including friends and family in the arena. More personalisation is also something that we will tackle in the upcoming releases to give players an even bigger immersion within Dentaria.

Things have only just begun. There is so much more to look forward to, as we pave the way that lies ahead — brick by brick towards a new age of dental experience for all ages.




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