High Cost Is the Main Obstacle to Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment, Survey Reveals

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Аccording to results from DentaVox Cosmetic Dentistry Survey, high expenditure is cited as the most common reason that prevents people to go for dental aesthetics procedures. This type of treatments may range from simple teeth whitening to complete smile makeover through crowns, veneers and etc.

The survey, which also explored the motives for considering such treatments, indicated that respondents in all regions recognized a whiter smile as the main reason for cosmetic dentistry procedures with a much higher share in the U.S. and Australia in comparison to EU and Africa.

Explore more survey insights in the infographic below.

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On a global scale, almost half of the survey participants are ready to consider cosmetic dentistry services to achieve a shiny, white smile. Their share reaches 86% among respondents from the U.S. while it is less by half for EU and Africa.

On a second place, one third of all respondents place their focus on better oral health as a motive for cosmetic dental treatments, and only 14% are concerned about correcting cracked teeth.

With regards to the obstacles, apart from high cost, long time frames and fear of dental treatments also emerged as important factors preventing people to make up their mind on such procedures.

What is your opinion on cosmetic dentistry?

Have your say and stay tuned with more interesting results from DentaVox Surveys: dentavox.dentacoin.com.

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