Hissa Leal Odontologia Avançada Joins the Dentacoin Network

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April 18th, 2019: The Brazil-based Hissa Leal Odontologia Avançada begins accepting Dentacoin payments for their services. As progressive professionals, Dr. Leal and Dr. Hissa have been accepting crypto payments for years and now naturally expanded their payment options with the first and only digital coin for dentistry.

About Hissa Leal Odontologia Avançada

Based in São Bento do Sul, Hissa Leal combines quality, innovation and cutting-edge technology in dental treatments to bring patients closer to the perfect smile. The practice specialises in Orthodontics, Dental Sleep Medicine and Functional Jaw Orthopedics. The focus on constant technological innovation in combination with high quality and excellent patient service sets a new standard in the restoration of oral-facial health and beauty.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Dr. Huberto Leal and his partner Dr. Milton Hissa deliver aesthetic solutions that are painless, fast and safe at the same time. The clinic also offers a comfortable and cozy environment, so that patients can be at ease while changing their life for the better.

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Hissa Leal Odontologia Avançada Makes a Step Forward with Dentacoin

Dentacoin is not the first touchpoint of the forward-thinking Brazilian dentists with digital assets. Quite the contrary, the practice is renowned in Brazil as one of the first dental professionals to accept cryptocurrency payments.

When we first spoke to Dr. Leal, he was already accepting Bitcoin and SmartCash, which naturally expanded with Dentacoin as the first and only digital coin for dentistry.

“As a Bitcoin enthusiast, I heard about Dentacoin while exploring the space, so I took my time to delve into the concept further. I tried the Dentacare app myself and saw great potential to help patients by means of preventive dentistry,” shared Dr. Leal. “As a dental practitioner, I see the Dentacoin network and tools help improve dental health worldwide by reducing cavities and costs, while simultaneously improving efficiency and customer satisfaction,” he concluded.

Hissa Leal Odontologia Avançada joins the Dentacoin Network along with 85+ other partners located in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Fiji, India, Iran, Tanzania and Lebanon.

Check all Dentacoin partners here: https://dentacoin.com/partner-network

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