HotiDent Laboratory Joins Dentacoin Network

Remember Dr. Ilir Hoti whose dental practices Hollywood Smile in Albania and Kosovo became Dentacoin Partners a few months ago? As of July 2021, his dental lab HotiDent Laboratory in Pristina also accepts Dentacoin payments. Thus, Dr. Hoti aims to familiarize not only patients but also other dentists and suppliers with Dentacoin — both as an alternative means of payment and as a unique patient loyalty system.

“First, we introduced Dentacoin in both clinics. Now we want to fully integrate Dentacoin by enabling Dentacoin payments in our lab, as well. I can already see how excited patients are to discover this peculiar dental money which they can earn on Trusted Reviews and DentaVox. This made me realize that both the currency and the apps can be easily adopted. I’d like to become Dentacoin “veteran” in terms of its full implementation!”

Dr. Ilir Hoti, Owner

HotiDent is a modern dental laboratory using the most advanced equipment and high-quality materials. It works in close cooperation with many dental clinics in Kosovo, Albania, the USA, and Germany. The lab produces Zirconia, Emax, PMMA crowns and bridges, implants, removable prostheses, etc. In order to provide the best possible dental products and services in the shortest possible time, the lab has elaborated a specific guide for taking teeth measurements. This not only increases the productivity on both the technician’s and dentist’s side but also ensures that patients will be comfortable and happy with their new smiles.



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