How to join the Dentacoin ICO: Step-by-Step Guides

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Hey Dentacoin supporters,

Only a few days until we make this important step called ICO together. Exciting, isn’t it? The low initial price we’ve set offers a fair chance for more people to join and support the further development of this great project with potential to reshape the entire dental industry. For good.

In order to help each and everyone of you in the process of purchasing Dentacoin during the ICO, we prepared detailed step-by-step guides. Please find the links below:

Step-by-Step: Buy DCN with Ether (ETH):
Dentacoin Website
MyEtherWallet (If you don’t have a wallet, please first create one following this guide.)
You can also purchase DCN on Cryptopia, CoinExchange and Mercatox.

Step-by-Step: Buy DCN with Bitcoin (BTC):

Step-by-Step: Buy DCN with Indian Rupee (INR):

ATTN: Don’t try to buy Dentacoin (DCN) by sending Ether (ETH) to our contract from any exchange platform as your assets could be lost. Instead, follow the guides given above.

So… Let’s recapitulate:

ICO start: 1st of October 2017, 2:00 pm GMT. Please, don’t send ETH to our contract before the start of the ICO! The transaction will bounce back but you will still pay for transaction fees in ETH.
ICO Page:
FAQ Page:
Special ICO Price: 1 ETH = 2 500 000 DCN, 1 BTC = 33 000 000 DCN
Hard Cap: 240 billion DCN
Main modes of payment: Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Indian Rupee (INR)
You don’t have Ether (ETH)/ Bitcoin (BTC)? You can buy it on platforms like: Bitpanda, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinspot (Australia), Ether Rush, Zebpay (India).

Please make sure you are well prepared for the start and feel free to ask questions! To avoid fraud, trust only the information announced on our official website!

And… Fasten your seat belts!

Dentacoin Team

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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