Introducing Wana Dental Clinic as a new Dentacoin Partner

2 min readJun 1, 2022

This time a warm welcome goes to the third partner clinic in Uganda — Wana Dental Clinic and its owner Dr. Alex Ndikumwami.

At Wana Dental Clinic, Dr. Ndikumwami has worked alongside his father since 2012. They have a vast experience in helping patients with missing teeth get their smile back. In Uganda about 73% of patients have received treatment for their dental problems with tooth extraction. So, Dr. Ndikumwami and his team are on a mission to bring back the healthy smiles to patients so they can eat properly again and enjoy a better social life.

“Dentacoin as a smart tech provides you a very easy way to give your patients the opportunity to improve and boost their dental health. It is amazing that we have access to many Dentacoin websites and apps without fees!”

Dr. Alex Ndikumwami

🌟 In the Spotlight: Wana Dental Clinic


Location: Kampala, Central Region, Uganda

Clinic owner/lead dentist: Dr. Alex Ndikumwami


Education: Mulago Paramedical Schools | Makerere University

Experience: 10 years


Professional manifesto: “On a mission of bringing back your smile”


Field of Expertise: General dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry

Wana Dental Clinic online:

Facebook page

Working Hours: from 8:00–21:00

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