Japjee Family Clinic Brings 6 New Partner Locations in India

Let’s take a trip to beautiful India once again with the latest addition to the Dentacoin partner network: Dr. Sunny Ahluwalia and Japjee Family Dental Clinic! The chain starts accepting Dentacoin payments in all its six clinics, located in the “Twin” Ambala City, the commercial hub of Mohali, and in the city of Chandigarh between Punjab and Haryana in North-western India.


About Japjee Family Dental Clinic

Founded in 2002 in Shahabad under a different name, the clinic set out on a journey to “make world-class treatment available to all people of society.” Ever since then, driven by the vision to serve humanity, Dr. Sunny Ahluwalia and Dr. Puneet Ahluwalia have steadily increased their influence in the area.

Starting their expansion with Ambala city with a multi-specialty dental clinic, they started providing dental care to more patients in the region. Then in 2011, the two doctors opened their third location in Shivalik hospital, Mohali, giving the chain’s current name — Japjee Family Clinic. By 2018 the locations became 5 with 2 new centers opening the same year. On January 15, 2020 the chain introduced yet another new practice, this time in Chandigarh.

Today patients can take advantage of top-quality dental treatment in any of the centers in the fields of Implantology, Dental Surgery, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Cosmetic and General Dentistry. The clinics are also visited by dental tourists, seeking high-quality treatment at affordable prices.

Not only that, but with the help of free dental camps and a mobile dental van they are able to provide treatment to people from remote areas that are too far away from adequate medical and dental health centers.

Prevention in the Focus with Dentacoin

“From our communication, it quickly became clear that making dental treatments and proper prevention available to all people, regardless of income, is in the center of Dr. Ahluwalia’s philosophy. And this aligns perfectly with the purpose of Dentacoin,” commented Betina Bogdanova, Customer Service Operations Manager.

We are excited to have Japjee Family Dental Clinic join us, as we further expand our coverage in India. Along with 12 other locations in the country, the Dentacoin community can take advantage of dental services paid in DCN at a total of 18 practices.

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I really appreciate the concept of prevention rather than treatment. I have been practicing for 20 years now and we have treated patients with all kinds of dental diseases. However, if we can raise patients’ awareness about prevention, the world will be a much healthier place. My main reason to be part of this revolution,” shared Dr. Sunny Ahluwalia about the partnership with Dentacoin.

Dr. Ahluwalia is already versed in the importance of having a strong online presence and utilizing the power of social media. You can catch up with his latest videos on the clinic’s Facebook page here.

In case you are a patient of theirs, feel free to leave them your feedback on Trusted Reviews:


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With Japjee Family Dental Clinic we have now reached a new milestone: 104 partnering locations in 27 countries around the globe.

See all partners here.

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