Malhotra Dental & Gynae Care Center Joins Dentacoin

2 min readDec 2, 2021

Today we are pleased to welcome our 1st partner for the month of December — Malhotra Dental & Gynae Care Center. Led under the skillful management of Dr. Gagan Ji Malhotra (owner) the Hissar-based clinic has a reputation as a top-quality dental center. And now, Dr.Malhotra is excited to have Dentacoin fully integrated into his practice!

Dentacoin — The Ultimate Development Boost

Many years of experience have led Dr. Malhotra to the belief that development lies within the implementation of new methods and ideas. Therefore, he saw great potential in being Dentacoin’s partner, as he is convinced this will help him expand Malhotra Dental.

“Dentacoin is not a choice, it’s rather a necessity if you want to grow your dental practice! The platform gives you the potential to boom your practice development. I think Dentacoin can help me reach my dreams of maintaining a steady flow of patients and ensuring cash.”

Dr. Gagan Ji Malhotra

Dr. Malhotra quickly started using Dentacoin apps, as he saw how they can be beneficial for both him and his patients. Interestingly, from the very first call with Dentacoin, he involved his full staff in the meeting. This can only prove that he is dedicated and eager to implement our designated tools in his everyday practice.

“I would like to specifically mention the immense help of Zhaklin Stoykova (DCN B2B Representative) that has shown us the pathway of growth that can be achieved with Dentacoin. We are very motivated by this recent partnership!” shared Dr. Malhora.

Malhotra Dental & Gynae Care Center

With a team of well-trained and experienced medical staff, Malhotra Dental & Gynae Care Center is open for treating patients 7 days a week. The highest standards of health, safety & hygiene are of utmost importance at the clinic, especially during the times of Covid-19. And patients seem to be satisfied by the staff’s efforts judging by the clinic’s 4.2-star rating on Google Reviews.

Dr. Malhotra describes himself as a growth-oriented and hard-working professional. Those qualities precisely are shown in the work he puts in his dental practice. But what is more, Dr. Malhotra has been granted a number of different certifications — including a Certificate of Appreciation from Harvard School of Dental Medicine USA. He was also certified as Implantologiest from Osstem, S. Korea.

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