New Dentacoin Partner in Pakistan — Irfan Dental Care

2 min readMay 30, 2022

The fastest growing Dentacoin partnership network at the moment is in Pakistan. This time Dentacoin is proud to present Irfan Dental Care and its owner Doctor Irfan Ahmed.

Dr. Irfan’s clinic is situated in the area of Saddar Hyderabad in the province of Sindh. Saddar is the very heart of Hyderabad — a city with ancient history and modern industry. The city happens to be an important commercial and cultural center which serves as a transit between the rural and the urban Sindh. And, as the city is a bridge between traditional and new, Dr. Irfan is looking forward to the innovations in the sector.

Together with his highly qualified team Dr. Irfan is excited to introduce Dentacoin benefits to his patients:


“Crypto is a very interesting topic in Pakistan at the moment. Thanks to Dentacoin’s innovative platforms, our clinic and patients have the opportunity to experience it in real life.”
-Dr. Irfan Ahmed

🌟 In the Spotlight: Irfan Dental Care


Location: Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

Clinic owner/lead dentist: Dr. Irfan Ahmed


Qualifications: BDS, FCPS, FICD(USA)

Experience: 20+ years


Professional manifesto: “To offer world-class care and guidance, always putting our patients first.”


Field of Expertise: General dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, Laser dentistry, Dental surgery

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