New Partner: Deep Dental Clinic and OPG Centreument

With Deep Dental Clinic and OPG Centre joining Dentacoin Partner Network, digital dentistry is now more accessible for patients in Chandigarh. Serving the community since 1989, the practice is the first dental clinic in India with its own dental app! Dedicated to the good oral health of patients, Dr. Singh who runs the place is eager to implement modern dentistry practices and latest technology updates for the benefit of the local citizens.

Dentacoin and Deep Dental Mobile App

Dr. Singh supports preventative dentistry practices, and this is one of the reasons why he loves the idea of Dentacoin. What is more, he wants to implement the information about Dentacoin tools and DCN as a payment method onto his own mobile application. This will make it easier for patients to learn more about Dentacoin, as well as to cover their treatment with Dentacoin currency. Motivated to educate Indian patients to use Dentacoin and earn incentives in the form of DCN tokens, Dr. Singh shared with us:

“Well, I don’t think that today we have a better platform and any replacement for Dentacoin in terms of its effectiveness and value it adds in everyone’s life. It’s an innovation for the trio — Dentist, Patients & Healthcare Industry. I believe that Dentacoin is the “ The Bitcoin of Dentistry” and I expect much more development in the coming future.“

Community Improvements Made with Innovations

The dentistry profession runs in the family for years. Dr. Singh’s father was a dentist, which was his initial inspiration to pursue a career in dentistry. One might say that dentistry is much more of a mission, rather than just a career path and a profession for Dr. Singh. What is more, he is eager to impact the local community in a positive way by using his medical knowledge and skills, as well as by innovative attitude.

Outside the digital field, Deep Dental Clinic & OPG Centre caters for patient’s comfort with a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The team of dentists is committed to giving patients the highest quality of dentistry available in the area at any time. The clinic offers weekends, early morning and evening appointments to fit the busy schedules of patients. Deep Dental is also open to people from all ages, as they have launched branded Dental Privilege Cards with lots of benefits for kids, individuals and their families. Furthermore, revolutionary portable home dentistry has been designed for the comfort of patients. It is especially beneficial for elders, bed-ridden people and children with special needs.

Copyright: Dr. Singh, Deep Dental Clinic

As an addition to Dr. Singht’s passion for preventative dentistry, Deep Dental Clinic and OPG Centreument also have their own blog. With educational articles on a variety of different topics, they are engaging people and retaining loyal patients. In his free time Dr. Singht is devoted to improving his digital skills and knowledge. Not only is he interested in graphic design, he is also creating astonishing visuals for Deep Dental’s Facebook campaigns and website.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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