New Partner: Dr. Trino Nuño (Omaha, Nebraska)

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Deciphering the Health Code:

Welcome to Dr. Trino Nuño!

“Every person has the responsibility to live their healthiest, happiest, and wealthiest life possible,” says Dr. Trino Nuño, the latest member of the Dentacoin dentist network and a mindful dental professional that wants to improve patients’ life in all aspects.

About Dr. Trino Nuño

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Dr. Nuño is a renowned implantology specialist who has served in leadership positions during his career as VP for Legislative Affairs at the American Dental Association. Following the launch of his own practice, he set out on a path focusing on patient-centric treatment. Dr. Trino is also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Furthermore, he’s certified in S.M.A.R.T. (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique), thus bringing a safer alternative to old methods.

Apart from being an excellent dental professional, Dr. Nuño is committed to improving his patients’ knowledge of how to better take care of their own health. That is why Dr. Trino offers comprehensive courses on various oral health techniques, as well as natural oral hygiene remedies and a critically-acclaimed book — all available on his dedicated website.

Besides quality treatment and education, Dr. Nuño follows a strict process to personalize each treatment, according to the patient’s case and needs via his Dental Health Blueprint. The Blueprint takes the patient through a customized experience from the initial evaluation to measuring post-treatment success.

Shifting the Paradigm with Dr. Nuño

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The doctor’s holistic approach is well in-line with Dentacoin’s focus on preventive dentistry. We are thrilled to add yet another partner who is not only well-versed in the concept of modern, preventive, patient-centric care, but is also open to next global trend in dentistry — the revolutionary mobile payments opportunities that blockchain brings to the table.

“The new era of money will put the power back into the people’s hands. A properly structured cryptocurrency will be decentralized, finite, and user friendly,” shared Dr. Nuño.

“Dentacoin is a great solution for my practice for three big reasons. First, Dentacoin reduces my transactional costs which will ultimately reduce my patient’s costs. Second, it allows me to more easily provide services to the “unbankable” population. Lastly, Dentacoin’s mission to incentivize preventative self-care is congruent with my dental philosophy,” he expanded further.

Dr. Nuño is already taking advantage of the ecosystem Dentacoin brings to the table, by having a dedicated page up on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Had the chance to get to know the doctor in person? Share your experience by clicking on the image below:

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Dr. Trino Nuño becomes the first new partner for the month of July, thus increasing the number of members within the Dentacoin network to 93 organisations in 25 countries, all stacked and ready to bring the new wave of conscious dental care to patients looking for quality treatment all over the world.

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